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Sunday, March 13, 2022

There's power in transfiguration says Fr. Ebido - ITREALMS

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Second Sunday of Lent C (March 13, 2022) 

Your Daily Blessing: May the Lord transfigure your life such that you shout for joy! Amen!

Read Gen 15:5-18; Phil 3:17-4:1

A poor beggar found himself inside a church one day, but could not explain how he got there. 

While there, he had such a wonderful experience that left him gasping for more. It was as if it lasted forever even though it was a brief encounter. 

Eventually he found himself in the street once more, and gradually the experience faded. He went back several times to that Church to recapture that experience but it was gone. 

Incidentally, I met a woman today after Mass who told me how she was transported to a place like heaven. Though she did not ‘see’ God but she found herself in the midst of angels, and sang her heart out with them. When she came to, she continued to sings songs that were out of this world such that her mother was afraid she might die. She is still alive and still singing.

Sometimes God opens the door of the afterlife a little so we can have a glimpse of what awaits us. Each of those who peeped into eternity all report that they were willing to give anything for that singular experience. In the transfiguration of Jesus today Peter has a similar experience. 

It was so good he wanted to remain there forever. 

The point is that while Abraham, in today’s first reading (Gen 15:5-18), was promised a physical inheritance, we should read its full significance symbolically as an eternal spiritual heritage. The earth provides us a foothold to reach out and catch our destiny that is beyond the stars. 

We can then understand St. Paul’s concern in (Phil 3:17-4:1) that some of us have become so engrossed in the world that they have become enemies of the cross of Christ. They are proud of what should be their “shame.” How worldly are you?
PRAYER: Dear Lord, sometimes I wonder who is not engrossed in the world! I confess I am a victim! Do help me change, help me go for the essentials of things and the substance. 

Augustine Ebido, OP.

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