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Vacancy for Online News Editor:
ITRealms Online ‘ITRealms’ is a member of DigitalSENSE Africa Media Group, a registered integrated company of information and communications technology analysts and media-based perception management experts founded since 2008 and also publishers of NaijaAgroNet and DigitalSENSE Business News.
The Online News Editor is to manage both the team and contents on our international award-winning ITRealms and contribute additionally to the sister titles and or initiatives by DigitalSENSE Africa Media Group; especially as it may concern improving, maintaining, growing and editing ITRealms Online as an outstanding platform of repute.
The Online News Editor alongside his/her team members must ensure that contents on ITRealms confirms with the house style guidelines with interest and understanding that Information Technology (IT) underlines every aspect of our lives and economies, thus not limited to events, news, raising awareness on over-all company projects.
  • Leading the digital media team to explore, research, and cover events, products and products launches on/linked to Information and Communication Technologies for the benefit of mankind
  • Generate and edit analytical content pages for ITRealms, and specifically the home page among others
  • See to the publication and updating of ITRealms in accordance with the guidelines established to optimal satisfaction of end-user/audience/readers/visitors
  • Assist in increasing online traffic to ITRealms contents and attracting the highest visibility buzz;
  • Ensure integration of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) skills in line with global best practices across ITRealms, DigitalSENSE Africa Media Group and the digital and Internet eco-system.
Qualifications and skills:
  • Must have both oral and written admirable communication skills in English;
  • Must be knowledgeable about Web 2.0+, Internet technologies, eco-system, MS Word, Adobe Indesign, Coral Draw, Photoshop plus proficiency in typing and be a self-driven journalist/writer/editor with eyes for details,
  • Must be analytical thinker and proficiency in Blogger CMS
  • Must have social media accounts in less than (3) platforms, namely, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Must have degree in Journalism, Mass Communication with a flay for writing and editing other people’s work to ensure good output.
  • Strong understanding of websites and Internet technologies, including good knowledge of WordPress CMS;
  • Sound understanding of SEO and Internet user involvement;
  • Knowledge of PhotoShop, Photo Manager and video editing tools;
  • Ability to square up to deadlines
How to apply: Send your CV, Application and work sample to:
editor_ls [at] digitalsenseafrica.com.ng; cc: remnekkv [at]gmail.com
NB: DigitalSENSE Africa Media Group is an equal opportunity employer.

wanted for immediate employment
Lead Correspondent:
Lead Correspondent is to assist Group Executive Editor in collation and management of Correspondents from across Nigeria and beyond for regular update of ITRealms, NaijaAgroNet and monthly offering - DigitalSENSE Business News.
Must be knowledgeable about Web 2.0+, MS Word, Adobe Indesign, Coral Draw, Photoshop plus proficiency in typing and be a self-driven journalist/writer with eyes for details, as well as analytical.
Must have degree in Journalism, Mass Communication with a flay for writing and editing other people’s work to ensure good output.
Send your CV, Application and work sample to:


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Absolutely thrilled to come across this fantastic opportunity at ITRealms! The role of an Online News Editor at ITRealms seems tailor-made for someone passionate about the ever-evolving world of Information Technology. Managing a dynamic team and contributing to the growth of award-winning platforms like ITRealms is truly enticing.

The responsibilities outlined showcase the comprehensive nature of the role, from covering ICT events to enhancing online visibility. The emphasis on SEO skills aligns perfectly with the current digital landscape, and the requirement for proficiency in various tools demonstrates a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.

As someone deeply engrossed in the tech realm, this role aligns seamlessly with my skills and aspirations. I look forward to contributing my expertise in SEO, content generation, and digital media management. The mention of being an equal opportunity employer adds to the appeal of being a part of DigitalSENSE Africa Media Group's innovative team.

On a side note, while I'm diving into the world of tech opportunities, I can't help but wonder if ITRealms has explored collaborations with prominent names like Qatar Airways New York Office. The intersection of technology and aviation is a fascinating space, and a partnership could potentially open new avenues for both entities. Just a thought worth exploring!

Excited about the prospect of contributing to the success of ITRealms and being a part of the DigitalSENSE Africa Media Group family. Looking forward to the possibility of joining the team and making meaningful strides in the realm of IT journalism.

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