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Friday, March 18, 2022

Skill mentorship keeps one atop the game says Tibec Kraft boss - ITREALMS

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An Ibadan-Oyo State based Mrs Titilola Akinde Oladeji of Tibec Kraft Cakes and Events Academy, wears many caps including the visioner of Ibadan Cakes 'N' More Fair, and Naija Cakes 'N' Events Affairs of the Nigeria’s Cake & Event group. She told ITREALMS' Gbemi Omotoso that skill mentorship keeps one on top of the game.
Mrs Titilola Oladeji of Tibec Kraft

How did you come about your brand name?
Ti - Titilola and BEC - reBECca.

What prompted your entrance into the industry?
An astute passion for mixing sugar and flour made me venture into the craft of cake making, catering and event styles.

What do you like most about being a cake decorator?
My creativity in defining cakes and royal icing techniques.

What different frosting methods do you know how to use?
A whole lot, but there are so many that we can't use here because of our weather conditions.

What is your best tool as a cake decorator and why?
Serrated knife because I can use it for a whole lot of things.

Is there a difference in a chef and a caterer?
Yes! Chef knows more of intercontinental, Indian, Italian cuisine and can be employ by politician, hotels, or any individual to render service, however, a caterer on the other hand deals with large portion of food serving, cooking in a big party, and might decide to do majorly continental and African dishes.

If placed on a financial scale, does a baker profits more than a caterer?
Well, depending on where we are looking at it from. If a baker runs a work in cake outfit everyday, of courses! the financial scale will be for the baker and if a caterer runs a restaurant daily with a good patronages the financial scale will definitely be high. The two industries are profitable and money making.

As a cake decorator and caterer, which of these two, do you find at ease and less convenient?
Waoh! Actually both are convenient and enjoyable.

Any background knowledge or training in catering services?
Yes, I had trainings at El ROYALITHOS Catering Institutes and 5loaves Catering Institute as well.

Who are your mentors in cake industry and why?
Kema Abuede of Conspicous Cakes and Kemi Oluboro of El ROYALITHOS Catering Institute because I see my mini-me in them, I love their creativity and uniqueness.

At one time or another, you must have had an irrational clients! How do you manage such a situation?
Uhmmm! At such instances, I listen carefully and empathize on the issue, then find an alternative or solution and apologise if need be.

How do you balance your home-front and business especially when its more than a week?
My business takes me round most times, however, this has not had an adverse effects on my home because of my understanding partner. My best friend, my king. My partner is very understanding, He fills the gap whenever I am busy as he believes so much in my success and encourages me to be a great achiever.
Tibec showcasing some of her works.

What is your view about mentoring?
Having a mentor is great, especially if the mentor is aware and in tune with the mentee, to be able to guide and impart the mentee.

What are your likes and dislikes?
I love cooking, travelling and dancing while I dislike lies, cheating and backbiting.

What is the most difficult part of being a baker?

How do cope with the high the ├žost of baking ingredients so as to make profit?
I make sure I explain to my client's, how the market is now and how we cannot compromise our standards in any way, Mostly it's always a win-win.

Considering the long years spent in baking industry, has the industry been worthwhile and why?
Yes, it's been worthwhile and awesome years I must confess. Also, with the help of my amazing team who work tirelessly with me.

How do you unwind?
I visit the cinema.

How many years experience as a cake decorator?
It's been 14 solid years of pleasant creativity work and still counting.

Can you expatiate on this aspect of creativity?
Blending sugar to create amazing craft.

Have you ever had a rude customer and how did you handle them?
Yes, I have and I politely place them where they belong to.

Any awards as a cake decorator?
To the glory of God, more than 10 and still counting.

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