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Saturday, April 16, 2016, TweetDeck now on seamless log-in experience

As promised by Twitter a few weeks back, the social media company, says Tweeps can now login into TweetDeck or seamless, reports ITRealms.

People who use Twitter are known as Tweeps.

Confirming this to ITRealms, Product Manager at, Amy Zima (@amyzima), noted that though starting from March 17, 2016, this seamless log-in experience was announced but due for commencement on April 15, 2016.

Zima explained that henceforth, when Tweeps logged in to any Twitter website, like or, “you’ll no longer need to log in to TweetDeck separately.”

The product manager stressed that from now, when Tweeps move from TweetDeck to Twitter websites, or from these websites to TweetDeck, they’ll be automatically logged in, making it even easier to move between the tools they use daily.

Also, Zima advised those seeking more information about how this works, to check out Help Center.

“We’ve been working on infrastructure projects like this to ensure we have a stable foundation to continue improving TweetDeck in the future. Over the last year, we’ve shipped features such as TweetDeck Teams, group Direct Messages, and a confirmation step before Tweeting, as well as new search filters to make it easier to surface Vines, GIFs, Periscopes, and older content,” Zima said.

To better focus on enhancing TweetDeck experience, Zima further said, they would no longer support a standalone Windows app.

“If you use Windows, you’ll still be able to visit TweetDeck on the web — nothing is changing about TweetDeck itself, just where you access it from. This change will take effect on April 15th,” the product manager said.

Advising Tweeps that for easy access to ensure they have TweetDeck on the web by pinning TweetDeck to their taskbar or open in Chrome.

“Click customize and control > More tools > Add to taskbar or you can now launch TweetDeck directly from your taskbar,” Zima said.

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