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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Breaking News: Google to skill 1m young Africans on digital knowledge

Google Africa has pledged to train 1 million young people in Africa on digital knowledge skills in the next 12 months, reports ITRealms.

Small and Medium Business (SMB) Marketing Manager & Digital Education Lead for Google Africa, Bunmi Banjo disclosed this to ITRealms, saying it would help close the yearning knowledge gap on the continent.

“Google is today pledging to train 1 million young people in Africa in digital skills in the next year,” Banjo stated in an official Google post made available to ITRealms.

The digital education lead, also said this pledge forms part of Google’s contribution to growing Africa’s digital economy. 

For this reason, Banjo further said they are partnering, Livity Africa, to run two training programmes: Digify Bytes, aimed at helping young people develop a digital career; and Digify Pro, a 3-month immersion programme to develop digital specialists for jobs in companies or digital agencies.

“Today, we’re also - an online-learning portal that will house a range of digital skills tutorials and courses. Available to anyone in Africa, it’s been designed to be as “light” as possible to help people manage data usage,” Banjo said.

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