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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Oracle cloud, place to be says Adeyemo

The Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle Nigeria, Mr. Olusoji Adeyemo has declared that Oracle cloud is the place to be for both individual and corporate needs, reports ITRealms.

Adeyemo made this assertion while speaking at the Oracle Cloud day event in Lagos, Thursday, outlining three kinds of cloud customers can take advantage of, including private, public and hybrid.

He also explained that private, for instance, has accompanying self-service, auto scaling, metering, charge back and capacity planning.

On the public cloud, he said, it comes with specialized, shared and standard portfolio, hence the customer either individual or corporate core interest may not be on where the infrastructure is located as long as such customer has service.

However, on the hybrid cloud, Adeyemo said, such customer would like to know where the data is located but on deployment strategy, hybrid has integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to one premise, functional and PSR test.

In addition, he said that public cloud deployment comes with SaaS extensions, new applications, high On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP), new mobile apps, standalone web apps and Java and database (DB) sand box, while the private cloud comes with sensitive apps, among others.

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