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Monday, April 11, 2016

Samsung, Skool, FME partner on Smart school roll-out

The Samsung Electronics West Africa is partnering with Skool Media and the Federal Ministry of Education on smart school roll-out in Nigeria, reports ITRealms.

The partnership, ITRealms gathered would pave way to digitalize classrooms on the platform of mobile learning across 104 unity schools in Nigeria, providing students with the opportunity to have their classrooms literally put in their palms.

Also, the partnership would avail Samsung tablet devices to be paired with relevant and applicable educational content customized with Skool Media content, while also kitting classrooms across these Unity schools with Samsung Electronic Boards, Wireless Printers and wireless connectivity.

Director, Business to Business, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Charles Ojei said this solution provides tablets for students with relevant and practical educational content hence putting the classroom in the palms of the students.

“This makes the classroom interactive, collaborative and conducive for students and teachers. The solution also provides security of the device and helps the schools filters contents consumed by students. It makes the device purely for academic purpose,” Ojei said, stressing that the initiative is a laudable milestone in the Nigerian educational system, giving both teachers control over the classroom and giving students an atmosphere that makes learning easier and more memorable.

Skool Media, an ICT solution based initiative that attempts to redefine the goals of education to transform how learning is practiced each day, and to expand the range of measures in student achievement, all in order to meet the new demands of the 21st Century, has an MOU with Samsung electronics as a Technology Partner to provide Technical expertise as a company that is experienced in the delivery of Educational services and solution.

For Project Director, Skool Media, Moses Imayi said, “Our aim is that through this partnership with Samsung and the Federal Ministry of Education, we can promote information, communication and technological development in Nigeria while providing tools for facilitating our process values. The vision is to see the average Nigerian student become familiar and truly comfortable with learning in a digitalized classroom. This we believe will be the beginning of better performing educational system in Nigeria. Through this project, we are building the IT competence of the next generation of leaders and providing employment opportunities to over 200 young Nigerian graduates.’’

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