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Sunday, January 17, 2021

How Can They Fly? - ITREALMS

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Mrs Ada MUO, PhD
How can they fly when the hands that eagerly opened their prison doors are the same that hung limp as thousands of Nigerians got sentenced to permanent imprisonment six feet below the earth? Yes, those Nigerians were executed by animals who, like the stinking mkpi arusi, are too sacred to be touched by the law.

How can they fly when the fingers that lovingly caressed their immaculate white dresses and sent them as emissaries of peace to heaven were painted black as charcoal? Yes, those fingers are irredeemably blackened by curses of those they have sent into unending battles in the deepest belly of hell by their unbounded 'mpu-nity' and incurable mischief.

How can they fly when the wind who should be pushing their wings gently but steadily with her flexible and magical limbs from her four duty posts in the east, west, north and south, has been in shock, like Buhari? Yes, the wind has been busy watching the macabre displays of dangerous combinations of mkpochi-nti, impudence, ignorance and arrogance in different open theatres scattered across our wounded land.

How can they fly when the intoxicating ancestral chants of the ancient ikoro na oja instead of booming "go make us proud, anyi kwu unu n'azu" sighed, hissed and whispered "tufiakwa, aka anyi adighi ya?" Yes, the chants have changed. 

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How can they fly when the clouds they were sent to embrace like long lost lovers are heavily pregnant with rivers of tears wrapped, like a woman's ogodo, around yet-to-be-answered robust supplications? Yes, the clouds have become overburdened by unceasing sacrifices of totally disappointed, dislusioned and frustrated yet very prayerful Nigerians.

How can they fly when the soothing arms of Ani, the hitherto revered mother earth, who should receive them into her warm embrace have been enfeebled? Yes, the arms are progressively weakened by litanies of unmentionable and unjustifiable nso-ani?

How can they fly when the bed of soil can no longer provide rest for their tired wings and feet because it is already too full, like an overfed alusi, with fresh graves and decaying carcasses of defenceless Nigerians? Yes, the incensed and implacable spirits of those ndi Nigeria lurk in the shadows and walk the lonely paths at night wailing because they were slaughtered like common chickens in their homes, farms, roads and even churches and forgotten like the proverbial first wife.

How can they fly when our waters are thoroughly diseased and vomiting boiling pus from large boils standing like mounds in a renowned di-ji's yam farm? Yes, our waters are boiling because they have tasted the blood of our youths gunned down as they held our flag and sang "Arise O Compatriots ..." at Lekki tollgate.

How can they fly when their bold peaceful protest and public display of solidarity with the masses is, like the #EndSARS, audaciously thwarted? Yes, their gallant effort was sabotaged by a bare-faced liar who must have worked effectively as an intern at the infamous Lai Mohammed's APC Laboratory where ordinary white is converted to extraordinary black through baptism, involving caustic chemicals.

Biko, how can the white pigeons, released during the Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration, in Abuja and Imo State, fly?

Gwakenem eziokwu, if you were the pigeons will you fly?

*Contributed by Ada MUO, PhD.

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Wow! No better way to say why the pigeons can not fly. Dalu