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Friday, January 15, 2021

Fallen, but not forgotten! - ITREALMS

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In Commemoration of January 15th as Armed Forces Remembrance Day!

"They created fierce enmity amongst ourselves,
Drawing battle lines between ethnic and religious groups.
They made us see our marriages as a systematic mistake,
Thereby causing severe hostilities amongst brothers.
They invested in internecine wars across lands and borders,
Making guiltless souls swim in oceans of blood.

They feigned us to believe in fighting for peace,
Fighting for freedom, unity, harmony and growth.
We were blindfolded by their blatant lies and deceptions,
Whilst using our beloved warriors as sacrificial lambs.
Sons, brothers, fathers of many families could not return,
Like that, they died with pride of protecting territorial integrity.

They lured our brothers into signing life contracts,
Obeying the last command, even when death makes eye contact.
Many identical fighters, as they're confused on whom to shoot,
Like that, they were killed for fun, still roasted their remains.
We may not know it all, but we know we owe you all,
And we'll forever remember you for sacrificing your lives.

They made us think twice if the country truly worth dying for,
After making laws that cripple the poor for the rich advantages.
Would there ever be peace in the land of no equity and justice?
When a larger population are gripped by hunger, fear and grief.
We were made destitute and beggars of no choice,
Yet, we feel the country would be safe with no crimes?

Until our soldiers stand for what is right above preferential orders,
Until they see our leaders as true enemies of our fatherland.
Until our leaders get stern punishments for commercialising wars,
Until we see our differences as yardstick to foster peaceful coexistence.
If we are truly committed to building a onerous society,
We must change our focus and the direction of our angers." 

*Contributed by Idris Bakare.

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