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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

iPhone X versus Note 8 - 10 important differences


The iPhone X was recently released and many experts in the mobile technology industry have issued their opinions about the new gadget from Apple. Of particular interest has been the comparisons that have been made between the phone and leading competitors including the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, reports ITRealms.

In this special review, Noelle Neff, a photography expert and author highlights the differences between iPhone X and Note 8.

1. Display
The first consideration the buyer will focus on is the display of the phone. On this point, the Galaxy Note 8 offers a larger display at 6.3 inches against 5.8 inches on the iPhone X. There are also disparities on resolution with the Note 8 achieving a resolution of 2960 x 1440 against 2436 x 1125 on the iPhone X.

2. Audio output
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes with a headphone jack for audio output, but as from iPhone 7, Apple has not been including a headphone jack. To listen to music on the iPhone X, you will need wireless earbuds.

3. Login options
Another difference between the two phones is that the Galaxy Note 8 includes more login options. You have a fingerprint scanner, face recognition, and an iris scanner. On the iPhone X, you only get the Face ID face recognition system, but this is said to be the most secure technology for authentication.

4. Unlocks based on location
The iPhone X lacks automatic locks that are available on the Note 8. What this technology does is it unlocks the phone based on location. For example, you can instruct the phone to always stay unlocked whenever you are at a specific place and as you move it is able to detect these changes. While in the house you can utilize this feature.

5. Stylus pen
Unlike the iPhone X, the Galaxy Note 8 offers you a stylus pen that allows you to easily take notes and navigate within apps. The pen is also ideal for drawing and can translate foreign language text when you select. You don’t get any S pen support on the iPhone X, and this might be a matter of market preferences rather than a failure on the part of the manufacturer.

6. Expandable storage
Another area the two phones differ is when you consider storage options. The iPhone X offers two storage options, 64GB and 256GB, but the Galaxy Note 8 comes with only a 64GB option. However, the Note 8 has an advantage over the iPhone as it allows expandable memory through microSD, which means you could expand the memory to achieve up to 300GB.

7. Split-screen apps
One of the biggest advantages of the latest Android system is that it has been focused on supporting multitasking. The Note 8 allows you to work on two windows side by side, which is something you cannot do on the iPhone X. You can easily run different operations on your phone while relying on this functionality.

8. Access to files
To access files on your Note 8, you only need to plug it onto your computer through a USB cable. It is shown as an external drive and you can then access and modify different files. This is not the case with the iPhone X as it demands you rely on iTunes application to access your files, and this makes sharing difficult.

9. Processor
When it comes to processor speed, the iPhone X wins as the A11 Bionic chip delivers more power compared to the Snapdragon 835 used on the Note 8. The new Apple chip is 51 percent more efficient and can handle many operations simultaneously.

10. Augmented reality
Most importantly, you will note the iPhone X is optimized for augmented reality. Apple included the ARKit system that allows developers to deploy augmented reality apps and this is supported by the A11 Bionic chip. These are features the Note 8 lacks.

About the author: Noelle Neff, a professional photographer covers niche markets. She graduated from the University of Miami and is based in the same city. Noelle Neff is also a renowned blogger on topics such as photography and travel.

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