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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

GEM report says 100m youth can’t read

The 2017-2018 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report on accountability in education has revealed that an estimated 100 million youth globally cannot read, reports ITRealms.

The second in the GEM Report series, ITRealms reports, showed that there remain major education problems around the world that accountability could help solve, including meeting of commitments, and capable of assisting in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 4.

According to the extract of GEM 2017-18 made available to ITRealms, “Only 1 in 10 children in sub-Saharan Africa has basic reading skills. Around the world, 100 million youth cannot even read. One in seven primary school teachers are not trained. Millions continue to be taught in a language they don't speak at home. Meanwhile, the share of education in total aid has fallen for the sixth year in a row, and one in four governments do not meet the agreed education financing thresholds.“

The Report also looked at who is responsible for achieving the global education goal, SDG 4, which showed that calling on individuals and institutions to report how they tried to meet their responsibilities - a process commonly known as accountability - can help achieve an equitable education system of good quality.

Accountability, GEM report underscored, starts with governments, which are ultimately responsible for fulfilling the right to education, stressing that this right should be written into law and strictly enforced.

“Currently, citizens can take their governments to court for violating the right to education in only 55 per cent of countries,” part of the GEM report read, insisting that “everyone has a role to play in improving education.”

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