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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Glo offers free Yahoo mail access

Subscribers of Glo Mobile’s prepaid Blackberry service now have the liberty to access their internet mails on Yahoo free of charge.

Disclosing this, Globacom’s Head of Blackberry Sales, Mr. Olawunmi Jewesimi, said Monday in Lagos, that the development makes Glo the only network in Nigeria availing Blackberry users access to Yahoo mail account without charging them any additional fee.

“Generally, other operators charge subscribers about $20 (about N3,000) to add Yahoo mail service to their Blackberry services,” Jewesimi was quoted as saying in a press statement made available to ITRealms Online.

Jewesimi also said the company introduced free Yahoo mail service to afford subscribers more fun and value on the Blackberry device.

“This is in line with our commitment to avail our subscribers the best value at the most competitive rate. Comparatively, Glo Blackberry offers users the best value for the price they pay. For instance, our monthly access charge of N4, 800 is the lowest in the market,” Jewesimi declared.

He explained that the Glo prepaid Blackberry enables users to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN and Messenger.

These, he said, are some of the advantages Glo prepaid Blackberry has over competing products in the market.

“Glo has the widest GPRS coverage in the country, and this makes it possible for subscribers to use Blackberry anywhere in the country. We also offer unlimited service usage, lowest rates in town and very flexible bundle offerings,” he said.

The Blackberry internet service rates range from N400 to N4, 800 depending on whether the subscriber wants daily, weekly or monthly access.

For the “Bisday” package, the subscriber enjoys 24 hours unlimited access for just N400.

The Bisweek package attracts a rental service fee of N1,500 and gives 7 days unlimited access, while Bismonth has a monthly rental fee of N4,800 and gives the user unlimited access for 30 days.

Glo Blackberry runs on a push technology, which enables emails to be forwarded to the device once the user is in the GPRS coverage area. It enables users to make calls, view attachments, download music and movies, enjoy SMS, MMS, plan daily activities and browse the website anytime.

The service also offers free Instant Messaging, free picture messaging, free group chat and organizer and PIM functions including contacts, calendar and memos.

“To get BlackBerry services on their pre-paid line, subscribers are required to simply send the corresponding keyword to ‘777’. For example, to subscribe to a weekly package, the subscriber should text BISWEEK to ‘777’,” Jewesimi asserted.

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1 comment:

Paramon said...

If its really unlimited,why I always receive sms that said," you allocated bandwith will soon be exhausted. Now your remaining is 1,2Mb. This surely can't get the answer from the internet because Glo (intentionally)didn't mention it. This can be misleading thing against the word "unlimited".