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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Starcomms introduces Afritalk

As competition gets keener, a leading Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), Starcomms plc, has introduced voice chat on its network, described as Afritalk.

A press statement from the company quoted the chief executive officer, Starcomms, Mr. Maher Qubain, as saying that the voice chat service would help customers to foster relationships among other Starcomms subscribers whose personal traits align with theirs.

According to him, Starcomms Afritalk, would enable customers to relate by voice with people who are not on their phone lists and so extend their span of influence.

He explained that to enjoy Afritalk, subscriber could dial *3333 and follow the voice prompt to create their profile in their own rich format and get their identity number which would be their number to reach by anyone after the invitation has been accepted by both the Starcomms Afritalk service subscribers.

“Starcomms Afritalk enthusiasts will be able to find friends, based on the criteria they request, who match their profile and their invitation to be able to connect with the new contact on
Starcomms network through voice chat,” he explained.

To call their contact on Afritalk, Qubain said that one would need to dial the allocated numeric Afritalk identity from their Starcomms phones and continue talking without revealing the real identity.

“Telephony is a major factor in networking socially. We recognized this fact and launched previously the Starcomms Africhat service connecting people through SMS mode and now have come up with Starcomms Afritalk voice chat service as a way of linking up people with kindred spirit on Starcomms network,” he said, stressing that it would go a long way in cultivating new relationships on Starcomms that were not pre-existing anywhere.

With Afritalk, Starcomms users, he pointed out, would be able to build a list of friends that they could call through the unique Afritalk identity that the friends have without revealing their real phone number.

“They can send voice messages as well as SMS to their friends through the same channel,” he said.

Equally speaking, Starcomms Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Tushar Maheshwari, said that apart from the fact that Afritalk widens the scope of our customers’ social circle, “it is a highly subsidized way of having a conversation on our network.”

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