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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

No bomb explosion in Anambra - Govt

The government of Anambra State has denied any bomb explosion in any part of the state, saying it was stored fuel, reports ITRealms.

A public statement made available to ITRealms late last night, the Anambra State government said, "An explosion occurred at about 8 at Eva Water Staff settlement, Kara on the way to Atani in Ogbaru Local Government Area, Anambra State. 

"On receipt of report,  we arrived the scene and discovered that the explosion was from fuel stored in Jerry-cans. 

"We immediately evacuated 11 persons who received degree of burns to Hospital around Onitsha."
ITRealms also gaatheredt that no death was recorded following the incident. 

"We are using this opportunity to warn people to desist from storing petrol in their houses" – Mr Ali Okechukwu (PPRO Anambra), adding that Anambra remains the safest State in Nigeria.

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