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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Fraud: Trump may face trial

The United States leading Republican presidential nominee, Mr. Donald Trump may end up in San Diego jail for defrauding students of Trump University reports ITRealms.

This is coming as Donald J. Trump is being investigated by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) over his visit Thursday, May 5, 2016, during a poll at Wisconsin primary and was suspected to have campaigned 100 feet and specifically at Waukesha Fire Station.

ITRealms reports that a federal judge, Gonzalo Curiel sitting in San Diego on Friday ordered that Donald Trump, must face trial starting November 28 in a civil case in which he is accused of defrauding students who attended Trump University.

In a pretrial conference on the six-year-old lawsuit, the lawyers for the plaintiffs led by Jason Forge, argued that “justice delayed is justice denied,” insisting a trial to start as early as this summer, that is immediately after the Republican convention in Cleveland, declaring, “There are people who are still paying off their debts for the money they paid to Trump University.”

Trump’s lead lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, pointed out that a trial over Trump University would end up becoming a media spectacle consider the November elections, stressing that Curiel put the whole matter off until next February, after the inauguration, arguing that Trump, if elected, would be working “round the clock” during the transition to form a cabinet.

Curiel, therefore, decided to split the difference: In an effort to “accommodate” Trump’s political campaign, he agreed to put the trial off until after the election but scheduled it right afterward, rather than “waiting for [a] President Trump to begin his first term,” thereby “placing him a situation where, as a sitting president, he is taking up time as leader of the free world” to sit through trial.

But Trump may still find his legal troubles impinging on his campaign; he is facing a separate trial in New York state courts in a civil fraud suit, also stemming from the ill-fated Trump University, brought by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. No trial date has been set on that case yet, but it was gathered by ITRealms that it could begin as early as this fall.

ITRealms gathered that the core case revolves around the operations of a school Trump launched in 2005, which was never an accredited educational institution, and he was later forced by state attorneys general to change its name to the “Trump Entrepreneurial Initiative.” 

The plaintiffs, former students at 'Trump University,' alleged that Trump used “misleading, fraudulent and predatory practices,” conning them into maxing out their credit cards and in some cases paying more than $35,000 in fees for seminars and “mentoring” by Trump’s “handpicked” real estate experts.

*Okoli Vincent with additional reports from MediaTracker/PMNews/GEE

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