Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We’v got people talking – Glo

Invariably in response to the recent media campaign that claims to overtly released the lips of Nigerian telecommunications subscribers from competition, the Second Nation Operator (SNO) and Universal Access Licensee (UAL), Globacom have unveiled a new marketing campaign ‘We Got People Talking (WGPT).’

Source at Globacom said, the new campaign theme captures the company’s positive impact on the telecom industry and on the lives and businesses of Nigerians in the last five years of its operation.

Globacom’s Director of Advertising, Mr. Joachim Atunwa, said the operator’s latest campaign was used as a soundtrack in Glo submarine cable television commercial entitled “Glo goes Global”.

He explained the commercial has been on air for some months now and celebrates the multimillion-dollar submarine cable being laid by Globacom from Nigeria to Europe and U.S. The facility which will provide the much required bandwidth for Africa is the first such project by any individual company on the continent.

He recalled that Globacom’s initiatives in the industry have ensured that Nigerians are able to communicate seamlessly with one another at very low costs, stressing that this included the introduction of Per Second Billing (PSB), the crashing of Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) cost from around N25,000 before Globacom launched services to as low as N200, the lowering of call tariffs from N50 to as low as N10 per minute as well as the introduction of several value added services.

“As a concept, WGPT was motivated by Globacom’s founding philosophy of empowering Nigerians of all walks of life and spheres to effectively communicate with each other; to reach out to the world and be reached. We began a demonstration of our empowerment philosophy with our 2.5G infrastructure and per second billing, all with a view to ensuring that Nigerians enjoyed what their counterparts in the developed parts of the world enjoyed at that time,” Atunwa declared.

“As the world recently ascended to 3G platform”, he continued, “we became the first to give it to Nigerians, with a plus – Glo 3G Plus. When we hit the 20 million subscriber base recently, which coincided with our 5th year Anniversary, we felt we had an obligation to celebrate a dream realised – the dream of empowering Nigerians of all strata and across geography, to talk.

He further said that the WGPT sum up Globacom’s mission and vision statements as well as its accomplishments and helps in reinforcing the positioning of the Glo brand as world-class, daring and highly innovative. Just as he explained, was three-dimensional: functional, emotional and socio/political.

For the functional element, Atunwa said Globacom’s core business is centred on “talking”. Elements on the emotional level include Globacom’s vision of “Building Africa’s biggest and best telecommunication network” which is so grand that people are talking about it, Globacom’s heavy investment in hardware infrastructure which people are talking about, the brand’s rapid expansion in West Africa and spreading of affordable telecommunication services in West Africa. Others are the optic fibre and the submarine cables being laid in Nigeria and across Africa to Europe and United Stated of America (USA) by Globacom, the fact that Globacom launches its network in all the countries it goes to with “per second billing, offers multiple value added services to West Africans.

This, he insisted is highly rated globally due to its rapid network growth and expansion, the brand has won lots of awards locally and internationally and people are talking, that Globacom has made it easy and simple for people to talk in West Africa and that Globacom is empowering a lot of people in the region.

On the socio/political element, Atunwa explained that Globacom is an African brand with a global vision. “The feats achieved by the brand have stirred comments from people all over the world. Globacom’s successes have returned a sense of pride to the African. Africans also flaunt their home made telecom services at the world arena,” he concluded.

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