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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

VIA turns SDPs into PCs with vm7700

Developers of x86 silicon and platform solutions, VIA Technologies Incorporated, has introduced the new VIA vm7700 based on the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) specifications’ mounted PC (vmpc) into the market.

The thin VESA, according to experts at VIA Technologies turns a standard display panel into a fully functional Personal Computer (PC) for signage, kiosk and other intelligent display applications, as well as providing a radically superior space management, cost effective and flexible alternative to traditional panel PCs.

Speaking on the new product, the Assistant Vice President, VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies Incorporated, Mr. Daniel Wu, said that from small desktop Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors to larger flat panel displays, the VIA vmpc vm7700 leverages the industry-standard VESA.

The product measuring 10cm x 10cm, he said, could be mounted at a given specification for simple attachment behind the customer’s screen of choice, and offers considerable cost savings when upgrading or replacing screens.

“Through-chassis mounting allows the VIA vm7700 to be secured behind a flat screen display in seconds, or firmly mounted on walls or under desks, while dual-view support extends display utility,” he explained.

Mr. Wu also noted that the fanless configurations based on a 1.0 Gega Hertz (GHz) VIA C7 or 1.5GHz VIA Eden ULV processor and the ultra low power VIA CX700M2 system media processor enable the VIA vm7700 to deliver a solution packed with rich multimedia features within a maximum power of only 12 watts and a low 45ÂșC thermal envelope – essential for display-mounted systems.

He pointed out that the product capable of being housed within a durable, ultra-thin and sleek black 26mm x 180mm x 298mm chassis, the VIA vm700 provides the answer for a wide spectrum of intelligent display applications, such as state-of-the-art casino gaming, home automation, information kiosks, timetable boards, advertising and more, as well as a discreet system for space-constrained locations.

As said by him, the VIA vm7700 VESA-mounted PC is a revolutionary concept that delivers an efficient, cost-effective method of delivering x86 technology simply and discreetly.

“With its robust multimedia performance and inherent display flexibility, the vm7700 offers a strong alternative to panel PCs,” he said.

Mr. Wu further said that the new product supports up to 1 Gega Byte (GB) of power efficient DDR2 system memory, a 2.5” Hard Disc Drive (HDD) or DOM interface, four Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports and a COM port as standard.

“Networking is taken care of with a VIA Gigabit Ethernet port and optional Wireless IEEE 802.11b/g module,” he said, adding that the completely fanless vm7700 mounted PC also has DVI-D, D-Sub and S-Video TV-out interfaces with native dual-view configurations.

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