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ICT4D Week 2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

LG, driving TV technology with Plasma, LCD

Analysis for the week:

Several technologies are making waves in the markets, especially within the television products. REMMY NWEKE reports that LG Electronics is leveraging on this to drive its brands in Nigerian market.


Abu Mohammed and Jide Oyebanjo are upcoming employees residing in Lagos and in their bid to improve lifestyle decided to go shopping for television sets.

Although they settled for LG Electronics brand, they have challenge of making a choice of the television set out of avalanche of series, especially between the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Plasma Display Panel (PDP).

But marketing experts intervention saved them the agony. According to LG officials when shopping for a new flat-panel TV, there are two main options to choose from, that is, either to go for the LCD or PDP TV.

As said by one of the marketing experts at LG Shop, the truth remains that one is not necessarily better than the other because these technologies have different attractive features and the customer will make a choice based on these.

Exciting viewing:

LG Digital Display Company is the largest flat panel display manufacturer in the world, acclaimed producer of LCD and Plasma TVs and one of the world’s top Plasma module makers. While focusing on creating well designed, feature rich TVs, the company said its also pushing technological boundaries to create a more exciting viewing experience.

What is LCD TVs:

Simply put, LCD TVs are smart television sets that permit viewers to enjoy colorful life-like display of text and graphics. Experts also said that LCD TVs use non-emissive technology and fluorescent tubes, which involve less power to operate.

“Quite a number of LCD TVs have slim designs and flat viewing surfaces which all enhance the pleasure that people derive from watching television,” expert says.

… Plasma TVs:

On the other hand, Plasma TVs work by charging electricity through what experts described as a matrix of gas cells, stressing that it illuminates the gas ions to form a picture.

Champion Infotel gathered that the dual top benefits of Plasma technology are colour quality and display performance, just as Plasma TVs produce dacker blacks than LCDs, which makes dark scenes in movies look better.

“While they’re extremely fast, Plasma TVs give viewers a soft and natural picture, and allow them to enjoy sports and movies for long periods of time without eye fatigue,” LG official declared.


Also, the firm’s experts explained that the differences between LCD and Plasma, particularly where performance is concerned, are getting smaller all the time, noting that a few years back, LCD screens were reportedly having severe refresh issues, often producing hideous digital artifacts whenever the on-screen action intensified.

In addition, Plasma displays were known to have short life spans because of the radioactive half-life of the gases they use.


Providentially for both sides, those challenges were pretty much a thing of the past, even as LCD artifacting is now a relatively rare occurrence and Plasmas now live twice as long as before.

Statistically the lifespan of both Plasma and LCD technology should more than ever sufficiently satisfy most consumers.

The average Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) version of TV has a half-life of around 25,000 hours. If an average household, for instance, watches a typical four to six hours of television per day, even a 30,000 hour lamp would give you over 16 years of use.

Until then, the likes of Abu and Jide must have enjoyed their new TV sets enough to get on to yet another modern TV technology.

Purchasing factor:

Above all the purchase factors to consider while going for LCD TV include beautiful colour, clear picture, competitive low power consumption, stylish design, whereas for PDP TV, it comes with rich colour, natural picture, faster response time, lower eye stress and competitive price.

Commenting recently on this two, President, LG Electronics for West Africa, Mr. Byong Woo Park, noted that LG Electronics is a top player both in LCD and Plasma TVs, stressing the importance of educating consumers.

“The important thing is that consumers need to be more educated about the benefits of these two technologies in order to make their purchase. The thing to note is that one TV isn’t necessarily better than the other,” he said.

He pointed out that currently, LG Electronics, offers consumers a wide variety of choice in the flat panel TV market as the company is a major player in the two most popular TV technologies in the world; the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Plasma Display Panel (PDP) TVs.


Offering advice to both Abu and Jide, LG Electronics sales partner for the country and managing director, Fouani Nigeria Limited, Mr. Mohammed Fouani, explained that based on the aforementioned features, “the Nigerian customers who like to watch soap drama, can go for LCD TVs because of the TV’s beautiful colour separation, while those more interested in action movie and dynamic picture, soccer and other sports can opt for Plasma TV because of its faster response time.”

At least, both Abu and Jide are now better educated and thus well informed to take make market decision even as they continue to strive for a good life, after all, life is good and worth to be lived as such.

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