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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

G-Mobile makes a debut

DATA compressing company on mobile phones, G-Mobile Nigeria has made its debut into the nation’s telecommunications market.

Chief Operating Officer, LW GNet Nigeria, proprietors of G-Mobile Nigeria, Mr. Aig Inegbedion, said the directors took the decision in recognition of the need for Nigerians to extend their mobile phone adaptation to the next level, based on data.

According to him, there is endless business opportunities created through compression data and conversion software capabilities.

This, he said, offers Nigerians affordable hands-on user-friendly interface for private as well as corporate users, mostly those wishing to improve communication capabilities, multi media advertising and data transmission, data storage, security applications, and electronic banking.

In addition, he said, that G Mobile Nigeria would offer payment solutions and such other advanced application interfaces as bio-matrix finger-print and voice solutions.

Throwing more light, the International Sales Director, G Mobile International, Mr. Danny Mills, in his presentation, noted that what makes the product to stand out is its edge in striving towards creating unique customer experience.

As said by him, G Mobile plans to put value to owning the customer’s permissive mind space experience, which is not the simplest of tasks but the value that could be gained.

Describing the gain as enormous, he said that the question now should be how to unlock this unique experience and bring the customer back for more.

“G-Mobile is a cost effective alternative communications solution,” he declared, adding that the G-NET software enables the automatic compression, at an average ratio of 350 per minute, of various graphical image formats.

He citied an instance that for still images, any type data file as well as voice and video formats, the same time frame is used in converting these compressed data files into a multi platform format suitable for mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistant (PDAs) and or for Internet enabled devices.

G-NET software, he emphasised facilitates clients to convey high quality, high resolution images be it for audio or video content to standard General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)-enabled mobile phones directly, without the necessity of a Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) application, thus enabling a direct line of communication as well as content push-to-mobile phones, between mobile phones, and from mobile phones to web sites, and web sites to mobile phones.

“G-NET will effectively turn every GPRS handset in the market, into a BlackBerry type device, without requiring the subscriber to up or down load software to their existing mobile phones or to upgrade to fancy handset devices,” he asserted.

On connection, G-Net avails instantaneous luxury to the user of being able to use their GPRS enabled phones to do every data transaction and much more than a BlackBerry device will be able to perform.

He further said that with the G-Mobile virtual platform, users are able to virtually store any type of data, including but not limited to contact details, word and Portable Document Format (PDF) files, Power Point presentations, photo’s, music, video, or any such other information that they have deemed private or important.

Subscribers, he said would be able to publish all of their stored data, on their own mobile compatible website, accessible via any Internet connection or GPRS enabled phone worldwide.

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