Friday, January 29, 2016

Of Yahaya Bello’s emergence, inauguration and Kogi conundrum

Kogi State is known as the Confluence State, it is a state faced with many confluences of issues. The governorship election is over, but the bells of ripples are still reverberating.

Kogi State is one of two states that have suffered the worst governance deficit since the take-off of this democratic journey. 

The sudden death of Abubakar Audu, the governorship candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) on Sunday, 22nd November,2015 ignited a constitutional crisis. This is the first time that such would happen in the course of a democratic transition.

After the demise, a lot of Kogites and Nigerians expected the APC to bring in James Faleke, so as to continue the joint ticket during the held supplementary poll. Out of the blues came, APC brought Yahaya Adoza Bello to continue the joint ticket. Was that not foolhardy on the part of the APC? 

The Kogi conundrum is an unfortunate creation of the ruling APC at the centre which is desperate to turn Nigeria to a one-party state & rule in perpetuity. The Kogi conundrum is a flattering commentary about the APC's capacity for political direction & that of leadership. It is yet to mature in its membership, the requisite temperament & orientation for implementation of civil, democratic ethos which is indeed unfortunate.

Kogi State on Wednesday, 27th January, 2016 made another unusual history as its fourth governor, Yahaya Bello was sworn in without a deputy. James Faleke was conspicuously absent at the event. What is your mind telling you?

Faleke boycotted the event in continuation of his stand not to associate himself with Yahaya Bello's emergence as the replacement for the late Audu. The Kogi conundrum is a warning that the party might collapse, if the necessary brakes are not applied. The swearing in of Yahaya Bello has remained an aberration.

A school of thought is saying that, James Faleke didn't participate in the election. I am not holding forth for anybody, the late Audu and Faleke went to the different LGAs,so as to campaign for votes despite Audu's state of health then. Did Yahaya Bello even vote for APC?

Did Bello campaign for votes? Did Bello support APC during the election? The PDP has described Yahaya Bello's entry into the government house as an excursion saying that he didn't participate in the overall election. Time will indeed tell, so as to know the true state of things. 

God bless Nigeria.

Chukwudi Uruakpa contributed this from Lagos
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