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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Riemann Hypothesis: ICMCS confirms Nigerian professor Maths discovery

The International Conference on Mathematics and Computer Science (ICMCS) has confirmed the discovery by the Nigerian Professor, Opeyemi Enoch, a senior lecturer in mathematics at the Federal University in Oye Ekiti, reports ITRealms.

A member of the Conference committee of ICMCS 2015 where Prof. Oyemi presented his finding on the long-year unresolved Riemann Hypothesis, entitled "A Matrix That Generates the Point Spectral of the Riemann Zeta Function" Nina Ringo, a prominent scientist in the field of mathematical control theory said in an electronic mail (email) to CNN that he personally considered the results to be very important.

"I consider his results to be very important and confirm his discovery" Ringo said.
Speaking on his solution to the 156 year mathematical problem, Opeyemi said that solving the complex Riemann Hypothesis, comprises the distribution of prime numbers, and comes with a $1 million, about N199,230,000 prize awarded by the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI).

Mr. Opeyemi also said his findings are due for publication by a journal attached to the Vienna conference on December 1, stressing that he would pass on his paper to the CMI then. 

Reacting to some media reports doubting his discovery, Opeyemi said: "I have a proof and the mathematics community is behind me."

He pointed out that the 156-year-old math puzzle took him "seven good years" and that comments from detractors had not dampened his sense of achievement.

"People have the privilege and the right to say whatever they want to say," he said, adding "I have not really been giving attention to some of the comments."  

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Pix: Nigerian Professor, Opeyemi Enoch courtesy CNN

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