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Monday, April 26, 2010

certgate takes mobile security solution to London Fair’10

The Nuremberg-based mobile security specialist certgate would tomorrow, launch its world’s first complete security solution for smartphones at the Infosecurity Europe 2010 fair in London, which last between April 27 and 29, this year.

Chief operating officer (COO) certgate, Axel Stett, said the new solution based on the firm’s Smartphone protector, secures three dimensions: mobile device access, data in motion and voice communication.Certgate presents the first security solution ever for mobile phones that provides complete protection for mobile communication on the basis of hardware-secured certificates.

Reliably defending all potential points of attack on a smartphone, Stett said, it shields against spyware and malware, protects user data from loss and manipulation, stops unauthorised access to data communication, and even secures voice communication from any form of interception.“A few people caught only a glimpse of the solution at the CeBIT 2010 in Hanover, and now at Infosecurity 2010 in London we will be letting you get up close and test the solution for yourself”, Stett explained.

For him, they are presenting a showcase that would clearly demonstrate the technical implementation to visitors and provide hands-on proof of the solution’s voice quality.

The technology of hardware-based device protection and data encryption, he said, is at the core of a top-security project named ‘SiMKo2’, developed by certgate’s integrator partner T-Systems International, to provide secure mobile communication to the German Federal Government, public administration and selected enterprises.

This solution - nicknamed ‘Merkelphone’ - would now be enhanced by certgate with a ciphony module running on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).certgate’s security solution enables public authorities and enterprises to use their mobile devices safely for confidential information, making them fully compliant with defined administrative or corporate safety policies. It resists all spyware and malware attacks on mobile phones as well as ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks. In the event of loss or theft, the certgate Smartphone Protector eliminates the danger of data being circulated or misused: the phone is absolutely inaccessible and its memory remains undecryptable, even under laboratory conditions.

Similarly, it is impossible to activate any form of eavesdropping or microphone-tapping software that might be bought from the internet for as little as $100, about N15,000.The certgate solution, he noted, is in fact cost-effective, as it runs on off-the-shelf smartphones. “Enterprises can benefit from the growth potential and cost-savings of mobile business models without having to buy ‘crypto phones’ that come with a heavy price tag,” he said.

Additionally, he said, Smartphones can be integrated into an organisation’s security infrastructure in a rapid and cost-efficient manner, enabling totally risk-free mobile communication between head office executives, for instance, and the sales force out on the road. Administrative overheads are low because software installation and personalisation of the certgate SmartCard microSD is a one-off effort per smartphone.

The certgate Smartphone Protector is based on unique kernel protection and guarantees unrivalled security levels for mobile devices. Top security encryption algorithms and ultra-modern communication technology securely protect information against espionage and misuse. certgate’s voice encryption application, which is fully integrated in the smartphone’s normal GUI and directory of contacts, makes use of and is interoperable with SIP and RTP protocols. It works well in PKI environments and runs on a broad variety of Windows Mobile-based smartphones, with further platforms on the way according to certgate.

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