Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Becks searches for a blogger

Due to rise in the blogsphere, German beer manufacturer, Beck’s, is searching for a reputable blogger to write on its lager brand over a six months contract.

A blogger is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enthusiast with specialty in using the Internet interactively and dwelling on a given subject (s) deploying push-button publishing method.

Wikipedia online, an online encyclopaedia described a blogger as a person who writes blogs or weblogs. The word was initially used in the name of a website, launched in 1999 from Pyra Labs, San Francisco called “”

This website provides the tools for creating blogs (weblogs). After users select a pre-designed template or create one with their look and feel, every posting entered on Blogger is published to the Blogger page on their website automatically.

Nowadays, there are other weblog sites including WordPad and TypeWord to name a few.
According to official information on Beck’s website, the brand, is on the look out for a full time blogger to communicate with its online audience.

Stressing that the brand is looking for someone that has plenty of online experience to work with them on a six-month contract, with the aim of starting real conversations with its audience.

“The successful blogger will need to prove its dedication to the Beck’s brand and would work as part of Beck’s creative team in Amsterdam, contributing to online research projects and branding projects,” the official website stated.

Global marketing manager for Beck’s, Jorge Inda Meza, informed that the brand’s consumers actively seek out links to new trends and genuine material from around the globe, which gave rise to the need to have a blogger.

“The new Beck’s columnist will help uncover and highlight relevant and exciting topics for our consumers, enabling us to better connect with them, “ Meza said.

At Becks website, it was also gathered that an online advertorial reads: “A great job offer you can’t write off: We’re on the hunt for a charismatic columnist with a nose for offbeat news and everything about our brand point of view: Different by choice.”

Presently, visitors to the Beck’s online could watch its online TV for some nature essence as “for those who refused to saya no to pop-culture, the car that said no to sleep and painter who says no to nature’s beauty. “

Enjoining bloggers that it pays to write.

Further, the website said that for bloggers to apply as a columnist, Beck invites potential beer blogger as to play-up fan’s imagination.

“Our recruitment process is anything but ordinary. We’ll begin with a checklist of questions, to ensure that you really make the cut. After all, we are dead serious about finding that one great columnist. If you make the checklist, take the writing test and feel free to spill everything about yourself to us.”

Such columnist, they said must be a Beck’s beer lover, a plucky, spirited and people-loving person with a great sense of humour, just as the columnist must be quick-thinker and an independent self-starter.

Equally, Beck is looking for someone with a great understanding of the web, with published online work, for instance, blogs, sites,, even as he or she must be proficient in English and authorized to work in the European Union (EU) for any employer.

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