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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Any end to poor services?

Market Intelligence:

It is no longer news that the rainy season is here again with us, but what matters to most telecommunications consumers is the kind of quality of services this season bequeath to them as the end users.

From one network to another, the story seems the same as avalanche of complaints emanate from various telecom consumers nationwide.

For some, it is when the rain falls that their telecom services become worst and more call drops became apparent.

For another set of telecom consumers, making calls during rainy season have become a hard nut to crack and invariably ‘no go area’ as declared recently by one telecom subscriber.

And then for the telecom operators, it goes beyond what a mere subscriber could just see and understand.

Irked by this, the Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON) at the weekend blamed the increasing poor quality of services (QoS) of telecommunications operators in the country on lack of adequate power supply, according to its chairman, Mr. Gbenga Adebayo.

“Power supply is a major concern for us and we’re doing everything in our capacity to remedy this,” he said, describing the situation as worsening power supply and lamented that it could create a major set back for telecommunications development in the country in over half a decade.

“If you trace the movement and routing of typical calls, and a number of dropped calls today are traceable to failure of network site associated with power supplies,” he declared, insisting that it has the capability of eroding the gains of telecommunications, which has become a way of live and performance enhancing tools for many Nigerians, irrespective of trade and status.

Just as most of it’s membership now operate on privately generated power supply, which is very expensive to maintain, stressing that quite a number of “Our networks sites are running mostly on local generators in some areas for upward of week’s non-stop.”

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