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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Akinlabi explains Quiz Line

General Manager, Telemedia, promoters of Quiz Line, Mr. Olu Akinlabi, has adduced some reasons why Nigerians should embrace interactive phone-in programmes like Quiz Line, saying it has enhanced over 839 Nigerians.

He also said that Quiz Line, which is yet to clock one year, that on daily basis, a winner must emerge, just as he recalled that two main winners with over N1.2m, have since emerged.

He said that the programme designed for easy, quick and small wins was designed with the vision of carrying some bonus wins, which allow a winner to go beyond the N10,000 mark.

According to him, when played in different parts of the world as an interactive TV show, the drama to win is between the player at home and the presenter who would usually ask the interacting viewer some questions most times presented in form of a puzzle.

“The programme is highly cerebral and the player must have full concentration in order to get a win,” he said, describing it as a great game show that has continued to attract a large fellowship in the country.

“This is one of the reasons, the process of playing must always be explained to the players,” he said.

He added that interested public could call 345 on MTN network or 358555 on the other networks at the cost of N100 per call, which is a non-refundable registration fee.

“You will then receive an automatic response from the computer which qualifies you for participation,” he said, stressing that if a number is selected from the pool of numbers on the list, “you will receive a call from the presenter inviting you to play the interactive game. And if you successfully solve the puzzle, you could win as much as N1m,” Mr. Akinlabi explained.

He also noted that an electronic version of this message is available to those who call into the programme and are left with the choice to continue with the transaction.

Mr. Akinlabi pointed out that Telemedia has always given this explanation just for players to know that Quiz Line is a phone interaction between the presenter and the viewer at home whose indication to play would necessitate him to call the presenter.

He emphasised that such call is not an automatic qualification but until the request is processed by the computer, and a number gets through.

“All over the world where Quiz Line is played, it is billed on a premium rate and has become a major value added product to most telecom operators and Nigeria is no exception,” he said.

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