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Saturday, March 24, 2007

SkyVision launches I-Direct C-band in Nigeria

Global provider of broadband Internet connectivity solutions over satellite and Internet backbone connectivity, SkyVision has launched its I-Direct C-band based on Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) broadband solution into the nation’s market.

Disclosing this in a chat with Champion Infotel, Nigerian Country Representative, SkyVision Global Networks, Mr. Sunny Imudia, said the essence of the launch was to introduce the latest in stock to the local resellers in Nigeria.

He said that the I-Direct C-band solution comes with key advantages in cost and range even as it is deployed with the smallest of dish for C-band.

According to him, complete I-Direct kit cost about $4,000 about N513,140.00, apart from the installation fee, saying it is a shared system and the bandwidth is low, stressing that the number of customers to be engaged at a time is determined by the capacity of bandwidth available which facilitates the velocity of the connection.

Giving some insight on the new Sky Direct, he said its a complete internet connectivity solution provided via the all new SES ASTRA AMC-12 satellite which was launched February 2005 to provide a complete solution to even the remotest part of Africa.

As said by the regional sales manager at SkyVision, Mr. Eitan Meshika, the goal is to bring the best value for money in the broadband provision industry and with the new AMC 12 which is operated in the c-band, its the only reliable solution for Africa.

The new Sky Direct solution is powered by I- Direct Technology, a leading IP traffic solution which offers features like the real time traffic management, Quality of Service (QoS), built in encryption with automated uplink power control, error correction to eliminate weather related performance degradation, control management, Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) acceleration among others.

“The Sky Direct which offers instant Internet access with high quality service is operated on the C-band which is better than ku- band, which currently operates in Africa,” Meshika said.

He also explained that the new Sky Direct C-band VSAT offers broadband solutions to enable quick access to the Internet, digital media streaming, distant learning, education and telemedicine, data communication and data transfer, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and voice based services.

He said, Sky Direct could be used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), VoIP centres, government parastatals, hotel chains, gas stations and finance institutions among others.

Sales and marketing coordinator of SkyVision, Ms Ana Cymerman, said “its important for us at Skyvision to know what our customers need and satisfy each one of them and I know that now that we are in the Nigerian market, Nigerians would start experiencing quality Internet service.”

With headquarters in Israel, Skyvision has been in existence for six years and has achieved remarkable success overtime, in addition to having increasing market share of the central Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa.

SkyVision manages its gateways for its unending reach of network through two gateways, located in Austria, Europe and Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.

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