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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Startups must persevere to succeed says Oluyemi Modupe - ITREALMS

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Oluyemi Modupe, Creative Director of Dupsycake and Surprises, Lagos, in a chat with ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO explained why she loves buttercream, saying that startups must persevere.
Oluyemi Modupe, Creative Director of Dupsycake and Surprises, Lagos
What does the 'surprises' entail?
The 'surprises' is part of event planning just that this is about giving a special treat on clients approval for their loved ones through the use of saxophonist, gifts box, proposal surprises, bridal shower, baby showers just to mention a few.

So, how tasking is it and how do you maintain your customers?
It’s very tasking because I've to start looking for different gift items on request by the client in his or her surprise package; sourcing for some vendors like the talking drummer, chanter, saxophonist etc.
However, I've got a lot of referrals from my clients, while I always build a good client/ friendly-based; sometimes I check up on them and all.

What top your priority when planning a 'surprises' event?
I always make sure everything is top-notch through proper arrangements. While my best priority is seeing my client happy after each job.

Your most successful 'surprises' event & what made it successful?
Hhmmm... working with all the details the client wants, thus makes it more fulfilled.

Any background knowledge on baking or what prompts you to choose baking above other businesses?
I always have desire for catering work like most times cooking and all. After a while, I decided to pull the energy to the catering department. I enrolled though I don’t have any background knowledge on cakes.

Does it mean you're a caterer as well?
No, I just do the cooking for a little gathering.

So, how did the desire for cakes started or what prompts you into cake-making?
When I enrolled for my catering school, I had to choose the department I can fit into and I knew I will definitely do well in baking, so I specialised in cakes.

How would you describe your journey into cake industry?
Waoh! It’s been challenging because I have to invest in a whole lot of baking tools, ingredients etc.
Also, I learn and re-learn in order to upgrade everyday when it comes to cakes.

Have you worked in corporate organization before venturing into cakes and surprises?
Yes, I've worked as a school administrator.

How was the experience and what made you opt for business?
It was stressful because I close late hours, sometimes working extra hours on weekends; likewise the distance to my house is unbearable.
So, I just thought putting all these energy into someone’s else business isn't worth it. Then, I decided I should venture into my own business which has been my desire.

How has it been since you started?
It’s been great! God has been awesome. However, sometimes there are ups and downs which make sales dull.

Considering the high cost of baking ingredients, what do you often do to convince your clients to agree with the cake price?
First, I send them my price tag, when they complained that it’s too expensive. I will ask them what their budget is if I can work something out for that price but will let them know that it might not be a big cake.

Have you ever had a rude customer(s)and how did you handle them?
Yes, some clients are rude but the way I relate in a funny way, makes them to calm down.

Family and business, how do you balance the two without hitch?
I’m still single so I don’t really have much to think about than the business.

Your hobbies?
Reading books especially business ones.

Your best food?
My best food is rice, stew and fried meat.

Your personal likes and dislikes?
I like making new friends while I dislike backbiting.

What keeps you going while working?
Listening to music

How do you relax?
By watching a movie.

How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?
I go for regular check-up, eats balanced diets and take multivitamins supplement as well.

What is your daily routine?
Prayers, I do my house chores, then, check my instagram to see trending cake-designs.

Your best baking tools?
Smiles... all the baking tools that has to do with buttercream designs.

Why the flair for buttercream and not other frostings?
It’s easy to work and you can easily make designs on buttercream unlike fondant.

How many years have you been in the industry?
Smiles... 4years.

Any embarrassing moment in the cake or event industry?
Yes, a client cake got spoilt before the delivery and it was just so embarrassing that I didn’t know what I was doing.

How did you manage the situations?
I have to calm myself before I could reply the client and I apologized that it won’t happen again.

Have you ever been tempted to quit the baking industry?
I haven’t thought about quitting before even if I don’t make sales, I know that when I keep pushing something great is going to come out of it

Your memorable day in the industry?
When I got to learn new cake designs and meet new people.

What do you do in situations where customers are dissatisfied with their speciality cake order?
I would tell them I’m deeply sorry and will give them extra in their next order(s).

What would you do if a customer requested a cake design you had never attempted before?
I will definitely contact a friend in the cake industry that has done that before to put me through.

How would you describe yourself from others perception?
Smiles ... I’m talented and a goal getter nevertheless what other people say.

What is your view about mentor?
It is good as it allows someone to work better and be able to see the mentor as a parameter.

How do you keep up with trending cake designs?
I watch YouTube videos.

Your major challenge(s) when you started?
I was actually scared if I would have client.

What is the most difficult aspect of cake decorating?
The fondant-making aspect; the kneading.

How do you get your customers?
Through online advertisement, my church members, close friends and referral as well.

How would you rate the social media advertising techniques?
I'll give it 80% because there are a lot of online vendors that are into advertising techniques which helps a lot through sharing of links, fliers etc.
Cake product of Dupsycake and Surprises, Lagos
If given opportunity to make a change in the industry, what would it be?
There will be access to cake exhibitions without exorbitant fee(s).

Your advice to newcomers in the cake and event industry?
The newcomers should persevere and not to give up even when there’s no sales; keep pushing.

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