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Monday, December 07, 2020

Wife battering: ChannelsTV to discipline reporter, video goes viral - ITREALMS

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Following a viral video still making a round by the wife of one of its reporters, the management of ChannelsTv is set to probe and eventually discipline Mr. Pius Angbo over battering a recuperating nursing mother, reports 
Dr. Ifenyinwa Angbo with bruises ... courtesy Maureen Obi blog

The social media, ITREALMS gathered, was inundated in the last 24 hours with multiple tags on ChannelsTv as a video made by the reporter’s wife who gave her name as Mrs. Ifenyinwa Angbo, said she has been married to Mr. Pius Angbo, and was seen, crying to the public for help over alleged unabated assault by her husband.
The video interrogated by 
ITREALMS, showed that Mrs Angbo, a medical personnel and a recuperating nursing mother with bruises on her left check narrating how she has been married to Mr Angbo for six years but has never enjoyed her marriage courtesy of regular battering from the husband.

According to her video, Mr Angbo, is a journalist working with the ChannelsTv in Imo State, who has made it a duty to often assault her over ‘petty’ arguments at home.

The latest assault, she claimed, was as a result of her advice to the husband to cease spending lavishly on ladies and cater for his four children.

“Hello people, my name is Ifenyinwa Angbo. I’m a doctor and I’ve been married to Pius Angbo of Channels Television for six years. And for six years, I’ve not known peace. It’s been from one woman to another. I had a child from a cesarean about 4 weeks in the past.

“I advised him to spend wisely and not spend on women so recklessly since we have four children and they have to be trained. I’m calling him out. He works with Channels TV. He is from Benue State.

She also alleged Pius had severally tried to strangle her and beat her during pregnancy.

ITREALMS also gathered that her children were seen hovering around as she made the video with one of them consoling her and saying, “Mummy, sorry.”

Meanwhile the management of Channels Television has swiftly responded by saying the company will look into the allegation of wife battering and carry out necessary disciplinary action.

“Channels Television does not condone violence against women or anyone in general. The domestic violence matter reported against one of our reporters is being investigated and appropriate action will be taken,” the management said in a Twitter response.

As at the time of filing this report, ChannelsTv response had received over 3000 likes, 233 comments, 636 retweet, just as Mrs Ifenyinwa Angbo video has continued to gain momentum online.

Uj. N. Dominic/Editor

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