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Sunday, December 06, 2020

Between idol worship, God & time: Patience wins says Fr Ebido - ITREALMS

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Sunday Advent 2 (B) (December 6/20) 
Your Daily BlessingMay the Lord grant you the grace to remain faithful in the midst of all trials. Amen.

Early this year, I reflected on the ‘silence of God’ to underscore our struggle with God’s delayed response to our prayers. 

Today, I only amplify the point I made then because in my recent travels, I am shocked to see the number of young people that are turning to idol worship. 

The reason they give is that the Christian God does not act quickly, if at all. 

On the other hand, the ‘god’ they have turned is quick to respond to their needs. 

I was given an example how someone who was defrauded a particular business partner was ready to swear by the bible because he ‘believes’ nothing will come of it; but when his name is to be taken to a particular shrine, the man quickly returned the money because he knows what will happen to him.

Some of us have come to cross roads in our life-journey when our faith is stretched to its limits: men/women who want to move up the ranks in their profession, business, or politics, are lured into occult groups so as to feel ‘safe’ or ‘belong’ to a ‘privileged class.’ This is how some get ‘initiated’ into a distinct form of idol worship. 

Women looking for husbands, or fruits of the womb; men looking for breakthrough in their business, those seeking to get a lucrative job; those fighting for their land unjustly taken, or the ordeal of strange sickness that visits a person.

In Europe and North America, the ‘idol worship’ wears the face of consumerism, materialism, and godlessness. And even in their unique cultural situation, young people are turning to ‘Satan worship’ and ‘wiccan witchcraft’ faster than we realize. 

God is ‘silent’ because he is the Lord-of-Time. The second reading (2 Pet 3:8-14) says, “with the Lord a thousand years is like one day and one day is like a thousand years.” 

We entered the time of God’s Mercy 2000 years ago, when God delays his anger for all wrongdoing (because of Jesus) so that we can repent and be saved. It is a proof of his love for all persons and the value of the blood of Jesus. 

But those who wish for ‘quick answers’ find delayed justice unbearable unless they run into a situation they desperately need God’s mercy themselves. 

So let us be patient. God’s justice will shock the hell out of us when it is revealed. It will not be too long.

PRAYER: Merciful Lord, sometimes I am impatient with your delays in answering my prayers. Please help me know that in this delay true love is proved. In it you sieve out the wheat from the chaff, you pick out those who are yours.

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