Monday, January 21, 2019

Telefonica banks on Nokia for vendor support - ITREALMS

The Telefónica Group is banking on Nokia for its vendor support with the selection of Nokia's Service Operation Center for vendor support on the operator's journey in the United Kingdom (UK), reports ITREALMS.

This, ITREALMS gathered would facilitate Telefonica to transform from a traditional network-centric operation towards a customer-centric operation with full focus on the customer experience. 

Nokia's evolved Service Operation Center (eSOC) platform will be implemented for Telefónica UK's 32 million customers.

The Nokia eSOC Platform provides the flexibility to interface with existing Telefónica UK systems and data sources, creating an environment that lets Telefónica UK proactively monitor its customers' experiences and take recommended actions based on measured trends.

Thanks to the SOC offering, which enables a range of automation techniques leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Telefónica UK can optimize their operations to best meet their objectives. Nokia's SOC Office consultancy will support Telefonica through the process reengineering required for SOC-enabled business transformation.

The move from network-centric to customer-centric operations is a growing trend for communication service providers, and service assurance is a key differentiator for Telefónica in the mature UK telecoms landscape. With the Nokia eSOC Platform and Nokia SOC Office, Telefónica can proactively ensure the excellence of services that are considered more important by subscribers.

Chuks Egbune/HO

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