Tuesday, January 29, 2019

MAPinAfrica calls on African leaders to stop pedophiles - ITREALMS

The Media Against Pedophiles in Africa (MAPinAfrica) has made its debut campaign on social with a call on African leader to stop the increasing worrisome pedophile enclave on the continent, reports ITREALMS.

Pedophilia also spelt paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Prepubescent relates to or in the period preceding puberty for either boy or girl.

@MAPinAfrica, an African media response to rise in pedophilia threats on the continent, said in a press statement made available to newsmen that its worried over the rise of pedophiles and demanded tangile steps from African leaders under the auspices of African Union (AU).

The press statement endorsed by the duo of the @MAPinAfrica’s Admin Faculty, Ms Onneile Setlalekgosi and Mr. Remmy Nweke, described the frequency of pedophilia in Africa a big threat that demands urgent and consistent attention both from the media and African leaders.

They noted that nowadays, paedophiles target children in poor countries for online abuse, outside the socio-cultural encumbrances.

According to them, a situation where some African kings and rich individuals across gender use their privilege positions to marry an underage girl child is not acceptable.

Pointing out that there have been cases of female pedophiles tormenting children and girl-child in particular, stressing that this act has to stop.

Where the culture abrogates that to certain king, as in some parts of Africa, MAPinAfrica wants that abolished immediately as pedophilia is anti-development and anti-people especially children which it endangers.

The main aim of MAPinAfrica campaign, the group said, is to advocate for policies and programmes to help meet basic needs of children and families who are victims of pedophilia.

In addition, MAPinAfrica tends to collaborate with other organisations of similar objectives to provide trainings and public education to young girls and ensuring that Africans know that stopping child sexual abuse is everyone’s responsibility.

“With all the efforts children will be able to resist abusive behaviour directed at them by any offenders, both online or offline,” the faculty said.

Equally, MAPinAfrica said they realises that reducing sexual abuse of children also begins with training caregivers, parents and other professionals to guide their mind-set in responding to sexually reactive behaviour.

Further, the duo said that MAPinAfrica will work towards ensuring that counselling services are available to needy families affected by child sexual abuse and pedophilia. While enjoining media practitioners in Africa to join hands with them start with following MAPinAfrica on twitter among other social media handles.

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