Saturday, April 28, 2018

Single & Married by Jacqueline Ogoh debuts @News Arena

A new weekly column, Single and Married would debut today, Saturday at the News Arena to be anchored by Jacqueline Ogoh, reports ITRealms.

Jacqueline Ogoh, ITRealms gathered is a seasoned journalist and marriage counselor would teach and guide singles on how to navigate the sensitive thorny issues of selection of life partners in order to ensure they avoided making costly errors, as well as give tips to married couples on how to continually avoid the stress level on the journey to marital bliss.

“Marriage is a sacred journey with its peculiarities. Every week on this platform, we would be giving out tips on how to enjoy and endure your marriage,” Ogoh said.

Ogoh, who has a thriving marriage and counseling clinic in the heart of Lagos added that the platform would be used to mend broken homes as well as give simple easy to follow tips on how to avoid making costly mistakes or taking costly decisions that could lead to unhappiness in the home.

The publisher of News Arena Yinka Aderibigbe said he is happy that the platform is beginning to play the role envisioned by its management to correct the endemic malaise destroying the moral fabric of the society.

He expressed the hope that Single and Married column would in the near future be a formidable platform that would be able to lay claims to healing of broken homes or the avoidance of tension at the homes which are the very foundation of stable societies.

News Arena is a digital newspaper which started operation in 2015. It sets out to optimize the use of the new media tools in the dissemination of balanced, unbiased reportage of news as well as ensuring that the political class is made accountable to the people.

News Arena is a member of the Guild of Corporate Online Publishers (GOCOP), a foremost association of professional journalists in digital news publishing business in Nigeria.

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