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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

e-Thuggery, Social Media and Our Future

Time without number I have called on young people like me to embrace Social Media as a special opportunity from the Lord Most High to get empowered instead of a passing face meant for gossips; watching of porn and political e-thuggery.

Severally, I have admonished my fellow youths to shun being induced with stipends, crumbs or peanuts to insult ourselves, elders and game-changers in the name of politics ..., because it's counter-productive.

In my numerous notes, posts, comments and lectures; both online and offline, I have stated clearly that the young generation have the power to effect the right change and positive development if and only if they will embrace the positives of Social Media instead of living a life of waste on the cyberspace.

Just like any other trending Social Science, Social Media has become the key platform for political growth and enrichment but only if we key into the positives of the various online platforms.

On the internet, politicians are seen maintaining good faces and image; indifferent voters are seen reading through the trending issues while the youths are unfortunately seen engaging in online thuggery; destroying their future and putting a stop to their progress.

If not for my love for young fellows and believe that there are more to Social Media than mere gossips and ethuggery, I won't have any business advising people both "friends and foes" like Eneh Victor Chigozie.

Yes, this my brother from Enugu State has written a lot of lies, blackmail and malice-coated stories about and against Chief Willie Obiano, his family, Anambra State Government and the good people of the Light of the Nation.

I'm not worried by what he likes or writes because Gov. Willie Obiano appreciates opposition and I'm trained to tolerate the slap of a "madman" no matter the situation.

My concern is the claim and fake authority that Eneh and his type quote just to perpetrate their ill-conceived acts online.

Against my admonition that youths should not allow elders of the land or senior politicians to lead them into insulting another online, which naturally destroys their future; Eneh and his likes bank on these "top" politicians to maim themselves and spoil their tomorrow.

Why am I charged to write this and call names?
Because Eneh, my friend and brother whom I have advised personally in Lagos and online refused to understand the dynamics of this game... he is too naive to understand that elders will all go while him and I will remain at the battle field.

I am spurred to write this to caution all other Social Media dwellers who will tomorrow be pushed into online thuggery, either via pressure or pleasure ... you and I must be careful so that what happened today won't happen tomorrow!

Recently, the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) family with Chief Victor Oye as the National Chairman and Chief Willie Obiano as the National Leader felt stronger as Chief Maxi Okwu rejoined the party... a feat too great for those wishing APGA dead and a move very welcome by those working hard to make the only people-oriented political party in Nigeria great.

It was also reported in the media that Maxi Okwu hailed APGA faithful in the company of Sir Norbert Obi, APGA Anambra State Chairman and Sir Victor Oye at Amawbia during his return to the party.

While I celebrated the news as a man who has preached wisdom and caution on the side of the youths, Eneh Chigozie Victor quickly put up a "Press Release" denying and denouncing any form of reconciliation between Maxi Okwu and APGA Family.

Personally, I expected nothing from him because "you can't beat a child and ask him not to cry"... It's a final blow to Eneh's claim that he is working for Chief Maxi Okwu; it's a final punch to online tigers who prefer division in APGA than peaceful co-existence. Yes, it is a damning blow to e-thugs who are now disappointed and left in the cold after months of trying to insult their elders in the name of Social Media activism and politics.

Very shameful and pitiful!
Maxi Okwu, whom I know to be a good man has rejoined APGA; a home of good and right spirited individuals led by the Willingly Working Willie... while my fellow young men like Eneh are left in the cold!

What's the lesson?
Social Media holds our key to powerful political engagement but we must mind our future in every comment or post and learn not to take the Eneh example... except he changes!

*Ifeanyi Aniagoh, wrote in from Abagana, Anambra State.

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Pix: Maxi Okwu, middle flanked by  Sir Norbert Obi, APGA Anambra State Chairman and Sir Victor Oye APGA national chairman, during Okwu's return to the party in a ceremony in Amawbia, Anambra State

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