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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Four-year agenda: Cybersecurity tops CTO priority for Commonwealth countries - Taylor

The secretary General of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO) Mr. Shola Taylor has said that cybersecurity is on top of the priority list of agenda the organization has for Commonwealth countries for the next four years, reports ITRealms.

Speaking recently to over 100 government officials and industry executives who took part BT-hosted Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum 2016 in London, Taylor said that working with member countries on making cyberspace safer and resilient is a top priority for the London-based organisation over the next four years.

Mr Taylor made it clear that while “the open, decentralised nature of cyberspace has empowered individuals, fostered innovation and driven development, it also presents dangers for its users,” hence, cyberspace could be used for criminal activities by targeting individuals through identity fraud, targeting the vulnerable through child exploitation, targeting communities through extremism and even targeting whole countries, and was quick to add that the experiences of Estonia in 2007 being one example.

“This year’s event is our opportunity to understand new forms of cyberthreats and cybercrime and learn about new and effective ways to mitigate or eradicate them, particularly through international cooperation. With this in mind, I am pleased to announce here today that our Council has just approved our 2016 - 2020 strategic plan which makes cybersecurity one of our top priorities”, Taylor said.

ITRealms reports that CTO, is already working with a number of Commonwealth countries such Botswana, Cameroon, Fiji and Uganda to help develop their national cybersecurity strategies, and the challenges and outcomes of this ongoing work were presented at the London event.

Taylor said that key issues addressed at the conference include economic growth and innovation in cyberspace; legislative frameworks; data privacy and security risks; defending and protecting critical information infrastructure, including space communication infrastructure; international cooperation, including capacity and trust building; and combating cyberterrorism among others.

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