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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

CSEAN president calls for coordinated response against emerging cyber threats

The president of the Cyber Security Expert Association of Nigeria (CSEAN), Mr. Remi Afon has called for a coordinated response system as a counter measure for emerging cyber security threats, reports ITRealms.

He made this call at the opening address to the 2016 Cyber Secure Nigeria ongoing at the NAF Conference Centre, Abuja on Wednesday.

Afon said that this will avert potential for cyber attacks to cause damage at a societal level, stressing that coordinated response will pave a way for dependable infrastructure, industry and key organizations for capable of identified and addressed.

"Given the scale and scope of the challenge, responsibility for the solution should be shared by government, cyber security professionals and private organizations," he said.

Afon emphasized that criminals are stepping up their game and date breaches are increasingly common and devastating, "That its why we need to act together."

In addition, he pointed out that as economies, society and businesses become ever more dependent on the internet, understanding not only the current threat landscape, but also the potential impact of developing threats is crucial to security and ultimately business management.

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Pix: CSEAN Vice President, Communication Minister, Adebayo Shittu, CSEAN president, Remi Afon, CPN President, Prof. Vincent Asor, Rep. Vice President Osinbanjo, SA Rule of Law 

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