Friday, February 06, 2015

CWG-Stewardship discussion document out @ICANN 52

The Cross Community Working Group (CWG)-Stewardship has created a Discussion Document for the ICANN 52 meeting in Singapore, reports ITRealms.

The Discussion Document, ITRealms reports, attempts to capture and summarize the considerable progress made by this group to date and to encourage community input on key and intractable issues in order to assist the group during its deliberations in Singapore.

ITRealms also reports that in engaging with the community, such as the group did during the Webinars on 3 February, the CWG-Stewardship hopes to leave the ICANN 52 in a significantly improved position in its mission develop a transition proposal.

Additionally, ITRealms reports that the CWG-Stewardship looks forward to engaging with the community on the questions raised in the Discussion Document, particularly during the CWG-Stewardship Questions & Answers Session on Thursday, 12 February at 10:30 – 11:45 SGT local time.

ITRealms notes that this is a Discussion Document with the purpose of informing the community of the work undertaken and progress to date and to seek community input on key and intractable issues in order to assist the CWG in its deliberations.

“With input from the community, we hope to leave the ICANN 52 meeting in Singapore in a significantly improved position and so be able to move forward with the objective of developing a single transition proposal,” part of the discussion document available to ITRealms read.

Further, ITRealms gathered that the summary of CWG activities to 30 January 2015 includes that since its first meeting on 6 October 2014, the CWG has been hard at work preparing a transition plan for the stewardship of the IANA Functions per the NTIA and ICG requirements. 

ITRealms investigations revealed that as of the end of January 2015, a span of 17 weeks that included the traditional holiday break, CWG held 20 meetings, including a two day Face-to-Face meeting in November and an “Intensive Work Weekend” in January, and over 25 meetings of its subgroups.

+Remmy Nweke (ITRealms) +ICANNnews @CWG

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