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Monday, July 02, 2012

Akwule decries lack of Africa’s contribution on Internet

Prof. Akwule, President,DBI
Echoes @ Nigeria IPV6 Roundtable 2012:

The President, Digital Bridge Institute (DBI), Prof. Raymond Akwule has decried the absence of significant Africa and Nigeria’s contributions in particular into the core Internet development.

Speaking at the 2012 edition of the Nigeria IPv6 Roundtable held in Lagos, Prof. Akwule who presided over the occasion, organized by DigitalSENSE Africa Media in collaboration with National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and Internet Society (ISOC) Nigeria chapter, with the theme: IPv6 and the Future of Internet in Nigeria.

He said it has become worrisome there is absolutely no contribution from Nigeria on core internet evolution.

 “You will find out that there has been absolutely no contribution from our own country in this process,” he decried, wondering if this was because Nigeria and Africa at large lack the requisite people and capacity

“Is it because we don’t have people who understand language of the internet, architecture, engineering software?” he asked.

But, Prof. Akwule was quick to add that the above should not be the case, declaring “if we don’t have them in country, we have them in Diaspora.”

As the current president of Digital Bridge Institute, Prof. Akwule said unequivocally that Nigeria has what it takes to make relevant impact and contribute to the development of the Internet in some areas.

He, therefore urged experts to come up with how to improve on Nigeria and Africa’s contribution to Internet development, saying that this could start by crafting what happens in the core architecture of the internet such that Nigeria’s presence will be felt not just as users of the internet.

He enjoined Nigerians not to worry about studying a particular subject, pointing out that most bright Information Technology (IT) person he met so far in all institutions including the current one did not study IT.

“My best IT person that does all kinds of wonders did not study IT and I always say that because there is lesson there,” he submitted.

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