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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Digital natives ignore IT policies @ workplace – Cisco report

The latest Cisco Connected World Technology Report, has revealed that the youths, otherwise refer to as ‘digital natives’ have been ignoring Information Technology (IT) policies mostly at the work place.

According to the report an extract of which was made available to ITRealms Online stated that Seven out of 10 young employees frequently ignore IT policies, and one in four is a victim of identity theft before the age of 30.

The study also revealed startling attitudes toward IT policies and growing security threats posed by the next generation of employees entering the workforce; a demographic that grew up with the Internet and has an increasingly on-demand lifestyle that mixes personal and business activity in the workplace.

In addition, the Cisco report stated that the desire for on-demand access to information is so ingrained in the incoming generation of employees that many young professionals take extreme measures to access the Internet, even if it compromises their company or their own security.

Such behavior, the study stated include secretly using neighbours’ wireless connections, sitting in front of businesses to access free Wi-Fi networks, and borrowing other people’s devices without supervision.

The study further stated that considering that at least one of every three employees, that is 36 per cent responded negatively when asked if they respect their IT departments, balancing IT policy compliance with young employees’ desires for more flexible access to social media, devices, and remote access is testing the limits of traditional corporate cultures.

At the same time, these employee demands, the study said, are placing greater pressure on recruiters, hiring managers, IT departments, and corporate cultures to allow more flexibility in the hope the next wave of talent could provide an edge over competitors.

ITRealms Online also discovered that the Cisco’s Global Adversary Resource Market Share (ARMS) Race Index, was designed to track the overall level of compromised resources worldwide and, over time, to provide a better picture of the online criminal community’s rate of success at compromising enterprise and individual users.

As showed by the data collected for the year’s 2011 index, the aggregate number that represents the level of compromised resources at the end of 2011 is 6.5 per cent, down slightly from the December 2010 level of 6.8.

While the Cisco Global ARMS Race Index debuted in the Cisco 2009 Annual Security Report, the aggregate number was 7.2, which meant enterprise networks at the time were experiencing persistent infections, and consumer systems were infected at levels capable of producing consistent and alarming levels of service abuse.

However, the 2011 Cisco Cybercrime Showcase, the third annual in the series presented two awards for 2011; one acknowledging the outstanding contributions of an organization in takedowns of some of the world’s worst botnets, that is, the “Good,” Microsoft and the other recognizing the growing influence of a loosely organized group of Black Hats associated with collaborative, international hacktivism known as the “Bad,” Anonymous.

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