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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Glo eases SIM activation, replacement processes

Glo Mobile, the mobile arm of the Second National Operator (SNO), has introduced ease the process of activating new lines and replacing damaged or lost Subscriber Identification Module (SIMs) on the network.

Acting Head, Marketing, Globacom, Mr. Navdeep Kapur, said all new subscribers are required to simply insert the Glo SIM into his or her phone upon purchase or recovery and start talking.

“We have reconfigured our SIM cards to a new, ready-to-use format to make things easier and more convenient for our subscribers”, he said.

Hitherto, he said, Glo prepaid customers have to go through a series of steps on the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform and select preferred language, tariff plan, among others to activate the Glo prepaid SIM.

Kapur also said that this was so because the former Glo SIM was programmed to be flexible, meaning that one chip was provisioned for various packages and billing options, thereby requiring the user to do his or her own selection.

Further, he said, the user could now just buy a SIM already programmed with his or her desired package and billing choice.

“Now, we have put a new activation process in place for customers buying SIMs for Easy Talk, Classic Plus, Profitmax Special & Profitmax Extra. Under the new arrangement, the customer only needs to insert the SIM and instantly begin to make calls. “There is no need to go through the IVR”, he explained.

Globacom disclosed that the SIMs would come with per second billing option, which the user could change to per minute if desired.

The statement also announced that some trade partner outlets have been empowered to do SIM replacement in addition to Gloworld offices nationwide. With this arrangement, the subscriber who loses his or her phone now has more available options to retrieve his or her line.

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