Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SAP customer base increases in Africa

Director of a leading business software solutions provider in-charge of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) business at SAP Africa, Mr. Derek Kudsee, has declared that the future is rested on SME, even as the company now has increased its customer base to1,300 across the continent.

Speaking to ITRealms Online during the one-day session of SME world tour of SAP, which stopped over in Lagos, last weekend, Mr. Kudsee, noted that based on this SAP has developed two business solutions; namely the Business One, and All-in-One.

He explained that Business One is a product for small businesses that enables SMEs to discover day-to-day processes and work challenges, noting that every small business has multiple business processes.

According to him, with fast growth and change, it’s no wonder that sometimes those processes don’t work together as well as they could.

He said, SAP Business One assists SMEs to integrate and streamline business processes, stressing that the entry level is the major thing and special attention, hence SAP come up with this product and usage depends largely on customer’s needs.

Like the name sounds, All-in-One product, he said, is all-encompassing, even as SAP tend to serve as an alternative where local software providers are lacking.

He explained that most SMEs do not have access to technology, “So we have to condense it and resell it for SMEs, because they are the future.”

Kudsee said that SAP made up to between 1 and 2 million Euros in the last business year and is projecting to grow its business by at least 12 customers this year, especially through the resellers.

As said by him, the global markets have established that the world is under recession, pointing out that when eventually this trend would spur new business models and strategies.

He underscored the fact that it is no secret that SME market is the driving force of innovation and job creation in the economy, stressing SME is also the most section of the economy affected by global recession.

SAP, he said, has made significant progress in providing solutions for SMEs in response to their peculiar needs. Pointing out that the SAP SME World Tour is a flagship event that stops in 50 SAP regions.

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