Monday, March 23, 2009

Jatori, Coral Telecom partner on PABX, wireless solutions

INFORMATION and Communication Technologies (ICT) service provider, Jatori Nigeria Limited, is partnering Coral Telecom of India on provision of outstanding Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX/PBX) switching equipment and wireless broadband into the nation’s market.

Chairman and chief executive officer, Jatori Nigeria Limited, Mr. Abdul-Lateef Mac-Isuman, who made this revelation in Lagos, said that his firm was encouraged to venture into this based on the love Nigerians have for quality and dynamic products.
According to him, these products range are sine qua non, stressing that this is more needful now that demands that business be conducted at the speed of thought makes it very apt.

“Telecom acts as the backbone for companies wanting a foothold in every corner of the globe,” he said, noting that by providing the right combination of products and services as well as deploying them with professional expertise has become imperative to understanding the way technology is constantly evolving.

“At Jatori and just like our partnering company, we’re passionately driven by this singular belief. We identify requirements of organizations small and large, and constantly develop new products, and deploy services to serve communication needs ranging from voice and switching products to setting up next generation multiservice access gateways on the communication backbone of our clients,” Mac-Isuman said.

He pointed out that his firm has the in-house expertise to deliver on the products on offer.

This, he said, would ensure that convergence is at the core of all product offerings, be it meeting requirements of small and medium sized companies or applications widely used by enterprise, last mile service providers and large government bodies such as defense, oil & gas sector, and railways to name a few.

Mac-Isuman recalled that in the past, Jatori had partnered with two United Kingdom-based companies, namely ENTEL UK to bring quality submersible two-way radio transceivers (Walkie-Talkies) and XVission Group UK in the area of close circuit security cameras (CCTV) of world class quality.

“At Jatori, we believe in good quality products and not just anything to make money,” he asserted.

While calling on telecom operators, especially the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) companies as well as, banks, hotels, corporate bodies, government parastatals to watch out for this ‘Big Bang’ that will hit the market very soon.

“Private home owners who believe in quality are not excluded as we have something for them too,” he said.

The first three set of products to be expected in the market soon, according to him, include the PABX/PBX series also known as Coral SBDX Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) designed for applications of small offices and residential customers.

“A portable business genius designed specifically to serve you better in this era of fast changing technologies. A compact and smart business ‘switch’, equipped with a bouquet of digital features you usually associate with large switches. It can handle various telecom connections, but yet retains the user-friendly commands for system configuration and use,” he said.

On the Coral DX 2000 series, Jatori boss, said digital communication switching system is available in a variety of configurations.

“The system is based on Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) switching technology,” he said, explained that an advanced Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) chips are used to ensure optimum processor speed and minimum power utilization.

Each card in the system, he said, is provided with a Switched-Mode Power Supply (SMPS) to convert 28-volt dc to its own operating and logic voltages. The system has a combination of active and passive bus to ensure reliable communication between the cards. All the cards are plug in type to ensure ease of maintenance.

Equally speaking on the Coral Integrated Voice and Data Exchange (IRIS - IVDX), he said, this could handle data as freely as it would handle voice traffic. It can be extended from 128 ports to 8,000 ports. It meets last mile switching requirements for provisions of voice, data and video in large enterprises, campuses and even small townships.

Emphasizing that the wireless access point ‘Bubble Gini’ which has the reputation of being the smallest access point in the market is part of the first range of products to hit the market.

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