Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Yahoo! improves storage for speedy emails

Yahoo! an Internet website portal has said its storage facilities have been improved to accommodate more emails and provide speedy access.

Official of the Yahoo! Mail Team, who gave his name as Mr. Andrew, informed through the Yahoo! help bog that the firm would stop at nothing in advancing its service delivery to end users.

So, for those who may have been experiencing some difficulties in sending their mails via Yahoo!, such a poor moment is over.

According to him, Yahoo! has installed brand new hardware by doubling the performance of its mail server.

“Installed brand new hardware with double performance memory and double the processing power,” Andrew said.

While encouraging Yahoo! users to continue sending feedback, he said they would not stop reading them.

“We couldn’t help notice that some of you were concerned about the speed of Yahoo! Mail at times. We passed it onto our engineers,” he said.

This, Andrew said, means a faster Yahoo! mail for the end users.

“…all of which means a faster Yahoo! Mail for you. And please note, when we refer to “memory” we’re not talking about the storage space for messages, that’s unlimited, remember. We’re talking about the memory on the hardware at Yahoo! headquarters. The more there is, the faster Yahoo! mail can perform for you,” he assured.

Andrew went on to explain what the improvements look like in graphical form - Green is good by improved mail servers.

As said by him, the work has just been completed, “so now you can tackle your email with even greater speed and efficiency than before.”

Reiterating the readiness of the website portal he stressed, they are not stopping but would continue to work to scale up the performance.

“And don’t worry, we’re not resting on our laurels - speed and performance are something we’re committed to optimizing on an ongoing basis,” he said.

ITRealms Online recalls that Yahoo!’s main service is its website directory and search engine, just as the portal provides e-mail, instant messenger and chat rooms, personals, games, music, maps, website and photo hosting, shopping, news, among other services.

Yahoo! is a reputed single most popular website on the Internet, according to web statistics aggregator Alexa, with almost one third of Internet users visiting the main site daily.

Aggregated figures for Yahoo’s international sites are not publicly available, but they are estimated to total close to the main site’s traffic. Thus, two out of every three Internet users are estimated to use Yahoo! services daily.

Yahoo! is centered around its website directory and search portal, public statistics indicate that over four times as many users spend their time on the mail application than on the search application.

In fact, the mail portal is more popular than the next 30 top Yahoo! services combined. Despite its success, Yahoo! Mail has been hit hard by longtime competitor Google’s Gmail service, leading to a complete service redesign that is currently in public beta stages of development (as is Gmail).

The new Yahoo! Mail uses an Ajax-powered interface that mimics the functionality of a local email client.

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