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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

ZeenaClothings CEO, Nana says African prints have prospects - ITREALMS

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A graduate of Lagos State University, Ojo-Lagos and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ZeenaClothings, Ikeja-Lagos, Nana Antwi, she told ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO in this personality chat, that African prints have prospects.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO), ZeenaClothings, Ikeja-Lagos, Nana Antwi,
Your educational background?
I'm a graduate of Lagos State University, Ojo-Lagos, with BSc Mass communication in 2016.

How did you venture into entrepreneurship?
I always loved African prints and I wear them a lot with a lot of admiration and compliments when I adorned the African prints. Thus, I just decided to start my clothing lines with African prints.

At what point did it occur to you to embrace self-employment than working in a corporate organization?
That was in year 2019/2020 when I discovered that the stress of my job is much, taking its toil on me with inadequate renumeration. Then, I decided to quit and go into my business fully thereby harnessing my potentials.

How did you generate your startup capital?
This was solely through monthly contributions which Yoruba referred to as 'ajor.'

How many years have you been an entrepreneur?
I started fully in 2020 and making progress till date with more prospects for expansion.

What challenges did you face at the initial stage of your business?
People especially friends were buying on credits. Also, I had to do a lot of advertisement to get customer's patronage.

What measures did you put in place to save your business and still retained patronages?
I encouraged friends to make advance payment for their good by deposit for their selected African prints. Also, continuous advertising and referrals has been of immense business advantages.

Is the business turnover worth quitting your paid job?
ZeenaClothings is what I have passion for. So, I prefer it to my former paid job.

How do you operate your business?
I have a physical store located in Ikeja while I operate a mobile outlet as well, that is online sales.

What are the risks associated with being an entrepreneur?
Debts! If one is not careful, one may likely run into debts. Also, the unstable economy conditions in the country is not favourable, while most customers are not understanding with the market price.

Would your advice an entrepreneur to apply for loan when starting a business and why?
I am not a fan of loan, but if he or she has the capacity to weather the storms, then no problem.

What benefits flow with being an entrepreneur?
There are vast opportunities for an entrepreneur, however I will mention a few; business networking in which one gets to meet people for more business growths. Another is that one is open to new ideas, time management, healthy lifestyles among others.

What are the challenges you face or encounter as an entrepreneur?
Most times the goods keep increasing while making sales most times maybe difficult. Sometimes, there is shop rent increment, lack of power supply and unavailability of fuel just to mention a few. However, these are parts of the business risks which an entrepreneur face.

How do you maintain a healthy relationship with your customers?
My business philosophy is 'customers are king' so I always make sure I treat them with outmost respect.

Where do you see ZeenaClothings in five years?
To be known all over the world as a household brand for genuine African prints with many branches all over.

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