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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Oswil Cakes boss insists bakers must remain humble, disciplined - ITREALMS

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Oseghale Wilson is the chief executive officer (CEO), Oswil Cakes & Events, Lagos. He recently spoke to ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO, maintaining that a baker must be very humble and disciplined.
Oseghale Wilson is the chief executive officer (CEO), Oswil Cakes & Events, Lagos

How did you get around your brandname?
While I was thinking of a name to use for my brand, a friend called me "Oswil." I thought and found it appropriate as my brandname that was how I came up with it.
Your educational background?
Boluwatife Nursery and Primary school, Lagos 1992-1998; Jelli-Las College, Lagos 2002-2008; National Diploma in Hospitality Management from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos 2013-2016; Higher National Diploma in Hospitality Management from Yabatech, in view since 2021.

What led you into cake industry?
My love for beautiful cakes though I love cooking right from my tender-age.

Have you worked in corporate organization before?
I can't remember working in any corporate organisation.

Definitely, you've been self-employed from time, how has the experience been as a baker?
Well, to me nothing big comes easy, and as the saying goes that a little drop of water makes a mighty ocean.
Baking business is not really for the soft-hearted but over time it makes one to be strong; this is because baking is not really for the lazy ones and not for those that easily gives up on their dreams. However, there have been ups and downs, but I keep moving. The cake industry is superb, interesting, innovating and full of creativity. However, sometimes one loses and gains.
cake product of Oswil Cakes & Events, Lagos
What category of bakers would you place yourself - buttercream, Fondant guru etc?
Well, I would say both but as it is I prefers buttercream.

What other skills or professions can lure you from cake industry?
Catering or event decorations.

What has been your concern in the cake industry as a baker?
There has not been co-operation among bakers. It's like everyone competing with one another. Also, training fees have become outrageous not minding if the person can afford it or not. So, we should look into it because a lot of people are depressed and needs something to keep them industrious.

Your best working tools?
Pallete knife and smoother.

Your personal likes and dislikes?
I hate being cheated and lies. Honesty is what I like.

How do you relax?
I gist with friends, then check into hotel to relax for like two days.

Your hobbies?
Watching movies and listening to good music.

How do you maintain a healthy status in spite of your baking schedule especially when handling back-to-back orders?
I relax in between my work. While I plan my schedule once it's time to rest, I don't hesitate.

If given an opportunity to make changes in the cake industry, what would it be?
Prices of cake ingredients needed to be checked. Also, there will be rules and regulations guiding the cake industry.

Any awards to your credit?
From Bakers House as the most Outstanding Member in 2018.

Your favourite food?
Roasted or boiled corn with pear. As matter of fact, I can eat 20 corns at a go with pear and not get tired. Aside corn, rice should be with stew and fried chicken or beef.

Your memorable day?
Waoh....a lot oooo. The day I discovered I could work on myself on how to make it right, how to clean my cake boards and deliver my cakes without stress.

Your best memorable day from a client?
Yes, this is actually from a colleague in the cake industry who referred me to someone for a foodtray delivery while my tray was misplaced. So, she asked for the price in order for the person to pay but at the end she said she would be the one to pay. 
It was about N7,000, so I told her if she is the one paying, she should not bother about it.
Not knowing, she was planning her wedding, the next day she chatted me up for chops for 300 guests of which I have never done up to that before.

Any embarrassing moments in the industry?
When someone feels I did something wrong in a cake group by saying the truth to them.

How do you see yourself from others lens?
I remain my humble self, Oswicakes. Like I always tell my clients that tries to compare me with other bakers, I just tell them I am "oswilcake" once they hear that, they stop the comparison.

What is the most difficult aspect of cake decorating?
I guess stacking.

With the recent inflation and cost of baking materials, what has been your story?
Well, it has not been easy talking to client as regards the price increments but with wisdom I have been able to manage some by explaining reasons for change in cake price.

How do you handle multi-tasking orders, especially back-to-back wedding cake?
I will reach out to colleagues in the industry, so, we collaborate as a team.

What is your view about mentors?
The place of mentoring cannot be over-emphasize. Having a mentor would put you on check and it would be easy to get things right.

Clients' relationship, any trick in retaining and getting them?
Yes, reach out to them always, check up on their wellbeing, chat with them, comment beautifully on their post too.

Have you ever had a rude customer and how did you handle them?
I have had one oooo, but I am always calm with them.

What qualities should a baker possess?
A baker must be very humble and be disciplined.

Your advice to newcomers in the cake industry?
Always remember Rome was not built in a day. So, slow but steady it takes to get to the top.

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