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Friday, September 02, 2022

Parable of Talents: Lagos vs Anambra, PART 1 - ITREALMS

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"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"
I have decided to lay before all Nigerians the TRUTH by making a comparative performance analysis of Lagos & Anambra using key development indicators.
Ayodeji Oyewumi

Walk with me:

The famous biblical parable of the talents is one I love so much cos its lessons can be taught by all generations.

This is the first of a 3 parts comparative performance analysis series;

Did I hear your say, oh Mr Ay, its unfair to compare Lagos state with Anambra, well🤔

Your maybe right, after all why would anyone compare;

Lagos the Toast of Africa - from the Portuguese, to the British, to the locals & Nigeria as a whole, everyone just wants, her


Anambra the state left in ruins after the civil war (imagine what's happening in Ukraine currently).

However, like the lessons taught in the parable of the talents, u still have to be accountable with the little u have, if u want to be entrusted with more.

So here we will be looking at the performance of BAT (2003-2007), PO (2007-2014) using key development indicators.

Disclaimer: This thread is not for;
1.) Blockheads - If you are not teachable, just pass

2.) IGR boys - If your understanding of development economics is IGR please pass.
This is above your pay grade

Everything I will be sharing are verifiable facts from verifiable sources.

Below are growth indicators often used by development economist to access low-middle income countries hence we will be using it here:

1.) Gross National Income per Capita
2.) Life Expectancy
3.) Human Development Index (HDI)
4.) Health Index
5.) Educational Index
6.) Income Index.

My data source is from the renowned Global Data Lab (GDL) - an independent data & research center at the institute of Management research, Radboud University, Netherlands

GDL started compiling data from 2003, hence BAT's Performance is evaluated from 2003.

1.) Global National Income Per Capita

BAT (2003-2007): In 2003 at 8.887 & in 2007 at 9.218. Had a growth of 3.72%

Lagos (2007-2014): In 2007 at 9.218 & in 2014 at 9.303. Had a growth of 0.92%

Anambra (2007-2014): In 2007 at 8.823 & in 2014 at 9.220. Had a growth of 4.50% ✅

2.) Life Expectancy

BAT (2003-2007): In 2003 at 55.40 & in 2007 at 56.80. Had a growth of 2.54%

Lagos (2007-2014): In 2007 at 56.81 & in 2014 at 58.21. Had a growth of 2.46%

Anambra (2007-2014): In 2007 at 53.55 & in 2014 at 58.97. Had a growth of 10.12% ✅

3.) Human Development Index (HDI)

BAT (2003-2007): In 2003 at 0.610 & in 2007 at 0.630. Had a growth of 3.28%

Lagos (2007-2014): In 2007 at 0.630 & in 2014 at 0.644. Had a growth of 5.40%

Anambra (2007-2014): In 2007 at 0.569 & in 2014 at 0.659. Had a growth of 15.82% ✅

4.) Health Index
BAT (2003-2007): In 2003 at 0.545 & in 2007 at 0.566. Had a growth of 3.85%

Lagos (2007-2014): In 2007 at 0.566 & in 2014 at 0.588. Had a growth of 3.89%

Anambra (2007-2014): In 2007 at 0.516 & in 2014 at 0.600. Had a growth of 16.30% ✅

5.) Educational Index

BAT (2003-2007): In 2003 at 0.645 & in 2007 at 0.634. Had a DECLINE of -0.011%

Lagos (2007-2014): In 2007 at 0.634 & in 2014 at 0.702. Had a growth of 10.73%

Anambra (2007-2014): In 2007 at 0.560 & in 2014 at 0.686. Had a growth of 22.5% ✅

6.) Income Index

BAT(2003-2007): In 2003 at 0.647 & in 2007 at 0.697. Had a growth of 7.73%

Lagos(2007-2014): In 2007 at 0.697 & in 2014 at 0.710. Had a growth of 1.86%

Anambra(2007-2014): In 2007 at 0.637 & in 2014 at 0.697. Had a growth of 9.42% ✅

From the above 6 indicators used in measuring public governance performance in low-middle income country, PO outperformed Lagos of Fashola and BAT in ALL.

Factoring IGR, investments in lagos since colonial days & the civil war, its safe to say Peter Obi is in a league on his own.

So comparing Lagos with Anambra in terms of the globally accepted developmental indicators is an INSULT to Anambra state & the leadership of Peter Obi.

As if that were not enough, let's look at the departing gift Peter Obi presented to Anambra state & BAT to Lagos state.

To proof that his education at Harvard Business School, Kellog School of Management, Oxford & Cambridge weren't just for fun, PO in his handover note left local & foreign investment savings 75 billions of Naira and cash savings for the state as can be verified.

These are funds, Peter Obi could have easily stolen like many governors in Nigeria shamelessly do.

Show me any servant leader in Nigeria's history at least since 1999.

Meanwhile He did all of this and still chose to deprive himself of ALL entitlements as an ex-governor.

Contrast that with BAT

He left 27 billion naira in the treasury & a whopping 100billion naira debt for which his successor increased to over 400 billion naira.

The self serving leader also proposed huge remunerations for himself as seen in the image below

Dear Citizens of Nigeria, this day life and death has been presented to you, choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;

Selah https://t.co/Pb8gi2ieGm

*Contributed by @iam_ayooyewumi - Ayodeji Oyewumi; A Serial Entrepreneur | Investor in people with passion | Development Economist | Dean, faculty of Anti-BAT, University of Go n' Verify, New Nigeria. Lagos.

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