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Friday, February 04, 2022

Olumide Fadipe: Skills development, online presence'll keep you on top - ITREALMS

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The multiple award-winning Olumide Daniel Oluwaseun Fadipe, is a Lumie Distinct’s Baker and a Freelance Cake Decorator. He spoke with ITREALMS’ Gbemi Omotoso on a number of issues including developing more skills and boosting his online presence.


Olumide Daniel Fadipe of LumieDistinct

Can you shed more light on referring yourself as a baker and a freelance Cake decorator?

Yes, I Decorate Cakes for Bakers; majorly Fondant designs. Also, I assist bakers when a helping hand is needed or when they have a lot of cakes to decorate or cakes they can't handle alone. For now, I'm more into freelancing because I don't bake cakes for commercial purposes.

Is it because of the high cost of baking materials that made you to go on freelance?

No. It's a means of income for me, and I'm also filling a gap in the industry.

Is there a difference between a cake decorator and cake artist?

For me, no.

Why? Kindly explain the gap between cake decorator and cake artist?

The work of a Cake Decorator and a Cake Artist is to Beautify Cakes

What is your best tools as a Cake Artist?

Craft Knife.

Do you think there is inferiority complex among top bakers?

No. I don’t feel inferior because I'm unique in my own way.

Your educational background?

I have a Diploma in Business Administration and Management from Federal College of Agriculture, Ibadan.

 Where are you from?

Ogbomosho in Oyo State.

How did you come about your name "Lumie Distinct?”

When I was younger some of my friends call me "Lumie D". So, I decided to maintain that. Then My Elder sister came up with 'Distinct' in Place of the "D".

How did you get into baking industry?

It started when I decided to assist my sister (Snappy Cakes) whom also is a Baker. I assisted her baking business at home about 10 years ago. Though I never knew I would be a baker as well (smiles) because I intended to become an engineer.

As fate would have it, six years ago, during my Diploma Programme; we were told to choose a Vocational Skill to learn. Catering was the only familiar course I could relate with, while, the Catering Instructor encouraged us to continue practising what we've learnt.

Then, after, my Diploma course,  I came to learn more from my sister (Snappy Cakes). Since then I have been in the cake industry.

Do you intend to pursue your Engineering ambition or rather your passion of cake decorating?

Yes! But for now I'm focusing on my passion, the cake decorating.

What are your everyday schedule?

I go to different Cake studios to work, and sometimes I take time-out to rest at home.

What are your hobbies?

Playing football, surfing the internet and listening to music.

What are your likes and dislikes?

I like creating new cake art designs, participating in Cake Competitions and working with other Bakers. However, I don't like working in a noisy and dirty environment. Likewise under undue pressure

Hhmm! I don't like toxic or negative people.

Do you believe in mentoring and why?

Yes. It helps to develop oneself because mentors have more experience than you and they help out when one seems confused or runs out of ideas.

Do you see yourself as a Cake guru?

No! I'm still a growing cake decorator who still has a lot to learn

Recently you won an award, tell us more about it?

Top Baker Awards is an annual ceremony to celebrate bakers in the Industry, organized by Versatility Communications Limited. I won the Top Baker Annual Contest for 2021 and the Outstanding Baker (Male) for 2021.

Lumie Distinct displaying one of his works.

 What relevance are these awards to your present status as a Cake Artist?

The Topbaker Award has now brought me more fame while some big names in the Cake Industry now seeing me as a force to reckon with. Also, it has increased my clientele base.

How do you intend not to be defeated on the next award?

Developing my skills and boost my online presence for more relevance.

What keeps you going in the cake industry?

My love for Cake Art; likewise feedbacks from clients and colleagues, as well as the zeal to get better.

What can lure you from baking industry?

Nothing for now, so, I'm here to stay (smiles).

Have you ever faced any difficulty as a Cake decorator?

Sure! Working in environments I am not familiar with; working with people I've never met before.

If given an opportunity to meet an International Cake Artist, who will it be?

It will be Buddy Valastro (Cake Boss). Although, I've met him before, but I would like to meet him again.

Can you mention some of the challenges bakers are facing in the industry?

Pricing, managing stress and time management.

How can the baking industry grow?

We need a baking community, where everyone voice will be heard and attended to. There should be more opportunity for all bakers to come together as one and address the issues facing the industry. I think Nigerian Association of Sugar Art Professionals is working towards this too.

What is your advice to other bakers who might wish to follow your line as a Cake Artist?

Be composed, don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure, be unique and dedicated to your work. Also, be prepared mentally, physically and spiritually.


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