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Wednesday, February 09, 2022

DCP Babazango may face sack for threatening Igboman over property in Adamawa - ITREALMS

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For threatening an Igboman, one Mr. Vincent Umeh for purchasing a property beside his, at 33, Mohammed Mustapha Way, Opposite Ford Oil, Yola, in Adamawa State, Nigerians have called for immediate sack of the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim Babazango, reports 
DCP Ibrahim Babazango who threatened Vincent Umeh
Babazango, ITREALMS gathered is currently serving in the Lagos State Police command, and was quoted as threatening Umeh in a viral audio, to reverse the purchase deal or face bitter consequences, including no guarantee of his personal safety.
"We're a homogeneous community, I don't want you; you can't be my next door neighbour, I swear. What sort of insult is this? Can any Northerner move now to the South-East, say Onitsha and just bump into any neighborhood to buy a property; just like that?” the DCP queried.

Most Nigerians on social media who reacted to Babazango’s threat to Umeh want him sacked like yesterday, alleging he is a greater threat to Nigeria and one Nigeria entity.

One of those who reacted included Tawanda Incommunicado, advised Umeh the Igboman to sue the DCP, whom was tagged ‘quota commissioner.’

For ‘Höly Wähala’ the DCP Babazango “should be expelled from the South to go live in his Adamawa alone with their terrorists.”

Africana John A: described the episode as reported as “unbelievable, that a man who is currently stationed in Lagos, was bold enough to say for an outsider who is not from this part of the country to buy a property in this area, is unacceptable.” And called on the Lagos State government and Nigeria Police Force (NPF) should as matter of urgency relieve him forthwith.

John also advised NPF to “fire him and send him to court for jailing. It will not happen anyway.”

Gloveman lamented ‘One Nigeria indeed!’ Pointing out that in a sane clime, the DCP would have been dismissed from police and charged to court for racism and threat to life but we all know this will NEVER happen under Buhari, particularly when the DCP is Fulani. Ironically the same DCP currently lives and works in Lagos.

In a related flyer which has gone viral, the Coalition of Human Rights Activists described DCP Ibrahim Babazango as a dangerous cop that “must be sacked and prosecuted.”

The viral online poster quoted DCP Babazango as asserting, “My neighbour sold the house to a businessman (Vincent Umeh) without waiting for me, after I had indicated interest to buy the property. Believe me, I cannot guarantee his safety if he insists on owning the property because as it is; we live like brothers in this area; so far an outsider who is not from this part of the country to buy a property in this area, is unacceptable.”

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