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Friday, October 02, 2020

Nigeria@60: Kukah to Buhari - This isn't Nigeria we dreamt of, where's Leah Sharibu - ITREALMS

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Nigeria's President, General Muhammadu Buhari, retired, has been told that he is on conflict course with the agenda of his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), and went on to debase Nigerians sense of nationhood due to flagrant violation of the constitution based on nepotism tendencies, reports ITREALMS.

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto diocese, His Grace, Matthew Kukah stated these in his message to mark the Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary on October 1, 2020, saying Buhari has clearly shown a different narratives and understanding of his party manifesto which he campaigned and brutal realities of today in Nigeria.

He posited that it may have been in anticipation of this dissonance that the President built such a firewall of protection around himself by the partisan selection of security chief based on religious and ethnic affiliation.

By adopting nepotism as a primary ideology, he said, Buhari has clearly unable to secure the country and people.

“President Muhammadu Buhari is in flagrant violation of the Constitution which he swore to uphold. Today, our sense of national unity is severely under threat and test. Our common citizenship has been fractured and diminished. The principles of equity, fairness and egalitarianism on which our Constitution hangs have been assaulted and diminished. 

“Nigeria was nothing like this before he came. How long will this lie last before it melts in our faces? We are living a lie and we know it.,” he asked.

The bishop also bemoaned that even the the motto of Nigeria as a nation was not upheld so far, during Buhari administration and wonder where the unity and faith, peace and progress, have all gone.

“Today, where is Nigeria’s Unity? Today, who has Faith in Nigeria? Today, where is the Peace? Today, where is the Progress?” he wondered.

Further, he asked where are the “Chibok daughters? Where is Leah Sharibu? Who are the sponsored murderers who have overrun our land? Our land is now a pool of blood.”

Kukah prayed that God will touch President’s heart “so that you embrace the ideals of those who came before you. This is not the Nigeria they dreamt of. This is not the Nigeria you went to war for.

The bishop equally prayed God to save Nigeria.

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