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Saturday, April 04, 2020

ChineseVirus-19: ALTON, NCC warn over fake news on 5G causing COVID - ITREALMS

The Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON) has advised telecom consumers to discountenance a purported claim that Fifth Generation (5G) is the root of ChineseVirus-19 also known as CoronaVirus or Covid-19, saying it lacks scientific prove, reports ITREALMS.

This came as the telecom regulator in the country, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has also dismissed the claim on 5G as the cause of Corona virus as claimed in certain quarters.

ALTON through its chairman, Engr Gbenga Adebayo told 
ITREALMS that the video making a round on social media lacks scientific prove.

“There is no scientific prove and this rumor should be discontented,” he said, stressing that there is no scientific basis for the claim that 5G is responsible for Covid-19.

The world is still seeking to know the source of the infection virus and it had not been traced to anything, not to talk of telecommunications.

He warned that Nigerians should be careful about spreading such information.

“Science is different from fiction and the peddlers of such information should be careful not to misinform the public,” he warned.

The Federal Government, Adebayo noted, is already doing a lot to curb the spread and this type of information is capable of causing diversion from the reality of what the world is facing and the scientific steps needed to curtail the spread.

He urged all well-meaning citizens of the world especially in Nigeria to continue to join hands with Government in their efforts “to keep us all safe.”

Adebayo posited that looking at 5G penetrating so far and the number of countries with incidences of mortality due to Covid-19, there is no basis to relate this to 5G.

“Many of those countries do not have 5G in commercial use. This virus was said to have started in Wahum in China, there are many other provinces of China with 5G that were not affected by the virus,” he pointed out, maintaining that there is no scientific prove and this rumor should be discontented.
ITREALMS gathered that there have been extensive social media outrages over audio clips circulating on social media especially WhatsApp and Telegram by a Nigerian living in United Kingdom (UK) and unknown former CEO of Vodafone that 5G is the root of current pandemic occasioned as Chinese Virus-19 also known as Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Also, in his reaction, NCC through its Director, Public Affairs, Dr. Henry Nkemadu asked Nigerians to avoid being distracted by such fake news videos, saying that currently, Nigeria is not installing any satellite with respect to 5G, therefore the claims are unfounded.

He described those as propaganda videos, stressing that the world is in a perilous times and everybody seem to be looking for what to hang unto. Some are using them to preach end times and all manner of things.

He rather advised Nigerians to focus on the more likely the threat of 5G that requires robust societal conversations, which borders on its adoption for an open society.

Chuks Egbune/DoP

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