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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Covid-19: Lagos Covid musical gang debuts @Mainland Isolation centre - ITREALMS

The Lagos Covid gang 2020 has made a debut from their isolation centre at the Mainland Hospital Onikan Lagos, with a musical track, in their efforts to join forces in combating the pandemic ChineseVirus-19 also known as Coronavirus or Covid-19, declaring the virus is real, reports ITREALMS.

The gang, ITREALMS gathered includes some passionate health workers and male suspected victims of Covid-19 in a male ward, urging adherence to stay at home order.

According to the footnote left on the video, the individuals featured in the video had COVID-19 and are receiving treatment.

They said, the video was done by them to inform the public about the virus and to “show us that COVID-19 is not a death sentence.”

For them, who danced to the rthyme on the video, Covid-19 does not know colour, sex, religion or age and urged people to follow simple advisory as has been given by the Incident Commander and other health experts. Some of the messages appeared in Hausa and English respectively.

“Together we can kick Coronavirus virus out of Lagos State and Nigeria,” they declared.

The one-minute video making wave online, saw them carrying various messages on a placard made up of torn cartons, some white A4 papers, urging Nigerians to stay home that Covid-19 is real.

The Lagos Covid gang numbering about 13 included some Nigerians and foreigners saw them united in this battle against this pandemic.

Some of the placards displayed very inspiring messages such as "Health workers also have families but they can't stay home. Please stay home, stay alive." #lagoscovidgang2020.

2. "Its as real as it gets people!!. We are living through this, but we are confident we will overcome together!!! Kudos to Lagos and its amazing team. #lagoscovidgang2020.

3."Hey people. We are foreigners here and we are begging you to stay home for your relatives sake." #lagoscovidgang2020.

4. "Many thanks to all the health workers. They have been a blessing. #lagoscovidgang2020.

5. "Please stay home!!! It's Real!!! WE are in it and by His Grace we shall be out soon!!! Many thanks to the teams of Mainland Hospital and a big well-done to the Lagos Government. #lagoscovidgang2020.

6. "Lagos Mun Gode, Da Taimako, Kowa ya Zauna a Gida saboda Covid-19. Longlive Nigeria! #lagoscovidgang2020.

7. "Please stay home. Thanks to the doctors, nurses, cleaners and all the health workers. We appreciate you. #lagoscovidgang2020.

8. "Covid-19 is real. Save your loved ones. Save our health workers. Stay at home. #lagoscovidgang2020.

9. "Please stay home. Thanks to the doctors, nurses, cleaners and all the health workers. We appreciate you. #lagoscovidgang2020.

10. "Many thanks to all the Health Workers. They have been a blessing. #lagoscovidgang2020.

11. “Hey people. We are foreigners here and we are begging you to stay home for your relatives’ sake. #lagoscovidgang2020.

12. "Shout out to the Doctors, Nurses, Cleaners, Potters and the entire Lagos State government!!!! God bless Nigeria!!! Stay home and stay safe. #lagoscovidgang2020

ITREALMS also reported that the victims who have improved tremendously, left a footnote advising Nigerians to follow simple advisory by the Incident Commander and other health experts, so as to collectively kick Chinesevirus-19 or Coronavirus out of Lagos State and Nigeria.

Chuks Egbune/Editor

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